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Thanks to all my sponsors and those tithing into missions, helping UrStory to produce resources for unreached people groups. URstory is now a recognized non-profit.  It makes giving easy too! Just SnapScan :-)


When I was 7 years old, I had a vivid dream. As a child growing up in South Africa, we did not really watch TV in the '70s like we do today, and influence from the outside world was extremely limited. Yet, in the dream, it was a time of war. The environment looked like modern-day war-torn nations - everything was brown. There was no grass and no color.  I remember hiding behind a big army tank when suddenly the entire scene changed in the blink of an eye. Everything turned into the most beautiful green fields. I don't know how I knew the following but I thought “Wow, the hills look just as green as Scotland” I also knew that the USA was not in a good place before God.


Suddenly I saw Jesus shining like a very bright light coming down on a huge white cloud and I knew it was too late to accept Him. The entire world could see Jesus coming down. I don’t know how I knew this, but I knew Americans on the other side of the world were looking at Jesus at the same time but it was too late for them to repent. I was very aware that the entire Globe could see Him. Nothing and no person could hide from Him at that moment.


I became very afraid because I knew it was too late for me to accept Him. That is when He spoke to me with an audible voice. “Do not be afraid, you are coming with Me.”  Physical warmth and incredible peace surrounded me and then I woke up.

One day while I was still in high school, Holy Spirit suddenly spoke into my heart as I walked behind one of the classrooms during break time. He said: You are following Me because you are scared of hell, not because you know Me."  That was a defining moment in my personal walk and friendship with God. That moment He was so real.

I have a few more stories like this that lead me on a very different trajectory than what I planned. In 1996, God called me to full-time missions through Jeremiah 1:5  A dear friend introduced me to YWAM and I joined in 1997. My very first trip to India was for a few months and changed my life forever. I saw the un-reached face to face and personally met hundreds of people, nice people, who have not even heard the name of Jesus or knew that there is a Creator!

Verse by verse in Stop Motion

I have been a full-time volunteer with Youth With A Mission since 1997.  I completed my B.A. degree in Biblical studies with the University of the Nations and have both lived and staffed on 5 continents. While in Australasia I was part of Create Intl, producing films for unreached people groups. There are millions who have not heard the gospel of Jesus. Check out for updated numbers. 


I moved back to South Africa after living in Asia for many years. Just before Covid's lockdown, I completed my Masters in Christian Spiritual Formation and Discipleship with the UofN (2016-2019). It was during the harsh level 5 lockdown in 2020 that God unexpectedly called me back to my hometown, Stilbaai.


One day something triggered the idea to make a STOP MOTION FILM using the SandBoxBible figures that I have developed since 2018. I saw the potential of walking through the Bible verse by verse in an audio-visual manner.


I think I dislike it when someone says, "Oh, I do not read the Old Testament" or "The God of the Old Testament is an angry terrible God" There is simply no way such a person can read the most amazing letter to the Hebrews and understand it. Not understanding Jesus concealed in the old, implies you cannot understand Jesus revealed in the New Testament to the extend HE INTENDED for us to do.

then and now

This photo captures myself and my friend from the Philipines praying, asking God to multiply missionaries from Africa to Asia. Training teams to go on outreach is a lot of fun.

Before I lost my visa to Asia our focus was to create resources for the 2 Billion Unreached people groups, mainly in the 10-40 window.

Check out

Apart from making the SandBoxBible youtube series, I do sand play therapy mixed with theohostic to adults and children whilst running an SBB Bible study group from home.


Why am I single?

This is a long story, but through a series of dreams that came true, I knew God was calling me to this lifestyle. I am really happy that there has been so much grace to follow this request from the Lord. I have three lovely miniature Yorkies, Maycee, Mossie and Basie to keep me company while I work and because of Covid and moving closer to my family, I see my 5 kids (in Photo)  (well... they belong to my 3 brothers, my paretns and me!)


On my 40th I told friends:

Please stop praying for me for a husband!

You will have to read my book "ROOM FOR THE CALL" for more information on this topic.

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 18.22.40.png

Enjoy the Life Jesus gave us

"No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once."
— Oswald J. Smith

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