Lessons I am learning in this season & teaching my 7 year old the Bible

Before I tell you about some lessons lock-down is highlighting about myself, I moved off the horse farm and am staying with my brother FC, Corine, Janco and baby Josua in Stilbaai. I knew I would not stay in paradise for ever and the 4 weeks will be quite unforgettable. I loved my walks every morning and fortunately, the weekend I moved, a new rule in SA to walk between 6-9am came into effect. I am like an arrow from a bow every morning from 7-8'ish walking the streets of Stilbaai. The sun-rise is spectacular most mornings. I am teaching the Bible to my brother's 7 year old son, Janco. The photo at the beach (4th pic above) was the morning I went to 'steal sand' for my SandBoxBible. Janco

I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me