Have you heard of
“Immanuel Journaling”?  
It’s spreading like wildfire across America and beyond! Kristi and I have found it to be a wonderful and powerful way to foster a greater awareness of God’s care. It’s a helpful tool for praying through your stress, hurt, intercessions, or whatever you’re experiencing, and appreciating God’s empathy and affirmation for you."



for men & woman

This is part of my daily practice or what some call a rule of life. I invite you to join me in this journal-journey that helps our relationship with our heavenly Father grow.

Play the following music when you start MUSIC

IF you are new at this, I suggest setting your alarm for 5 minutes during step 1: Interactive gratitude.

Take a moment to…
    Take a few breaths to slow yourself down
    Be fully present to the Presence of God
    Breath in and as you breath out say: Thank you for _____.

    Breath in again and  continue with thanks for 5 minutes until your alarm stops.

    This activates the relational circuit in your brain for the following steps.

1. Interactive Gratitude (growing the joy center in the brain)
Thank you... (5min)

2. Writing in your journal

A.  Dear Child of mine,

    .... Take a moment to listen to God’s response and write down your impression of how God would

respond to you.

B.  Thought Rhyming

 I can see you…
        Imagine God seeing your situation, environment, movement and inner experience, etc
“I can see your situation at the dining room in the dark, breathing heavily… I can see…”

 I can hear you…
        I can hear you say to yourself….

. I understand how big this is for you
        Imagine God who knows you well, validating
        your experience with compassion

 I am glad to be with you and see your
        weakness tenderly…
        Imagine God calling your name lovingly
        and simply enjoy being with him.
            “I am always glad to interact with you…”

 I can do something about what you are going through.
        Imagine God assuring you that he has the power
        to help you and give you everything you need.



visit https://immanueljournaling.com/

I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me