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Kona, here I come!

This week has arrived. I am about to get onto that Korean flight and fly a day backwards.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I needed a lot of extra money and thus a huge miracle. It happened. I had two people who do not know me, and one who does, donate money so that I could fly and pay for my boarding on the base. How did they find out about me? A good friend of mine, who loves what I do, told them about me... and wow - those strangers decided to bless me. Their timing was perfect. Isn't God neat!! As I always say - He works in the hearts of people to give. People have the choice to say yes or no to the prompting. I am so grateful that these guys said YES! THANK YOU.

God does provide but people have to say yes for Him to do so.

I am going to the "utter most part of the earth" Literally! Did you know, if you put a long knitting needle through a globe, entering the point at my house in Stilbaai, you come out on the other side... where I will be for the next couple of months. Kona is one of the 5 Hawaiin Islands in the middle of the big blue ocean! It is hot and humid there... and I cannot seem to escape this kind of weather! Back in Stilbaai weather is dry and cold.

These two pictures are the Youth With A Mission Kona, USA.

They have 500-600 students they train every 3 months.

I was invited to help with strategising some aspects of the training. Things will become more clear once I am there... but how did this "Go to Kona" happened?

Last year, 8 December 2014, the Holy Spirit started to give me visions while I was writing in my diary on morning. The Lord showed my how I was going to fly to the YWAM University Campus in Kona Hawaii. This was not the first time. He showed me the same thing one year ago while in prayer. I felt like Mary: Luke 2:19 says "...Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart." 1 January is always a special day, asking God: "What do you have for me forthis year?" I was not thinking of what God told me just three weeks before. I was thinking of the DNA conference that was to commence in two weeks, and how nervous I was about the responsibility I was given. But He spoke so clear and at the time it felt so random. "I am shooting you out to Kona" I had no idea about the timing. Until... A few days into the 2 week conference, Darlene Cunningham wanted to talk to me about the UofN Campus in Kona, and she saw how my gifting, and what I bring to the mission, could fit into Kona for this season and where they were at. In YWAM we joke about "everybody recruiting everybody" and perhaps that is why God had to show me 3 times, prior to Darlene coming, that this was no random invitation. Once Darlene and Loren went back to Kona, she hooked me up with the person leading the base, and things progressed from there...

The joke about this picture is, that one day after I met with Darlene, I received an inbox mail: "PAPARAZZI got ya!" Very good friends of ours were in town, and went to the same restaurant. I did not see them but they saw me and took a picture of our meeting. It is a nice memory to have.

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