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Finishing the last 800 African languages

Just a quick update! As you've read in my previous post, I met some of the most influencial Bishops from Africa. Loren C invited them, and Jackson N. will be helping Loren to set up a training time in July to train teams on how to do audio recordings, so that we can tick off the last 800 languages by 2020.

Much more will be taught and imparted but this is the nut-shell.

This will be a huge effort by the churches, while we give a lending / training hand. Yesterday I had a great and uplifting "brainstorming session" with Jackson to help him (on the side, because I actually have so much other work)... but I LOVE THIS VISION and will help as MUCH as I can with the gifts and time I have.

Please pray that we will be able to raise the amount of teams we need.

Pray for the speakers as they will soon start to prepare for this impartation.

Pray for Jackson as he is spearheading this and that he will have an excellent team to help.

Various people like Jesus Film, Uniscript, production teams etc will be joining.


Thank you!


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