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Emergency Bangkok Run

What happened with us in BKK?

After hearing news about other YWAMers being denied their visas to Townsville, Penny and I flew to BKK... to find out if we were also denied... It was after all the exact same paperwork... and the person denied was from a World A country, not B like us... We tried not to panic. I have quite a clear word from God to go... so I was ready to f.i.g.h.t for any visa to get there.

This video clip, made by me, is more for family, sponsors and friends who do not get to see us often. I did not spare much detail. But I HOPE YOU can also enjoy the plane, bus, skytrain, normal train and car-rides with us, including (sarah's) food exponanza and just scenery from Bangkok inner city.

I have enough money to buy an airticket but Penny is still raising funds. Please pray and consider giving towards her trip. Thanks. Sarah

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