Burmese Translation in Action

This is an exciting day for me! After two years of looking (and doing some begging) someone actually came to me and said "I WILL DO IT"

Using the books that I created for the Shan People gives me unexplainable joy. I cannot put words to it. It is the same feeling I had when the Chinese books were done... it is like: wow!

Helping a nation, where most people will be FIRST generation Christians, having to do and then staff DTS with very little Bible Knowledge (lets be VERY grateful for Sunday school - we have no idea how it impacts us!) ... to help them on their journey... JOY JOY JOY


- The translation will go smoothly.

Would you like to donate towards this specifically? Please contact me! Once the books are done, I would like to print as many as I can and give it to them as a gift. Burma is world C. It will be hard for these schools to budget for the books. Eventhough $5 is super cheap... it is A LOT for them. Let's see if we can get at least 100 copies of each of the books to them for free - as a start-up!

I am sure this will bless the translators in an amazing way.

Write to sarahberiyth@gmail.com or workbookspioneer.com with the TITLE- BURMA TRANSLATE

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