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Super cool testimony!

I received a message in my inbox today


A few years ago, I visited a church in Pretoria, where I was a guest speaker for the evening. I spoke on missions.

Hi Sarah, I dont know if you can remember me. You came to Pretoria to speak on missions and what you do in Thailand.

That night I was in the audience. Your testimoy touched my life and that night I decided that my future had to change.. Something inside of me woke up - something that was not there before... a boldness for Jesus. That same night I stopped my Bcom studies and started to study theology. I was for 4 years in the ministry where I worked with youth.

This year I swoped over to becoming a school teacher to be able to work more amongst the children, where I could live out my passion for the Lord and see His kingdom come.

All of this happened that night in the church. I would like to say thank you for your obedience and dedication, because without knowing it, you had a massive impact that changed my life. I want to give honor where honor is due.

When the message came through I started chatting with him. He told me where he was going to go, and I said:

" My one aunt has been a teacher in that school for years and years, and my cousin is amazing and teaches on Father heart of God here in Thailand... I should introduce you to him - he is an on fire guy for God"

Back comes the reply... "I KNOW HIM. He married my wife and I and mentored us"


Isn't God just amazing.

I feel so stoked on God right now! Cause I remember that night in that church.... and how I remember it!

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