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Practising the Presence of God

One of my most favourite sermons ever.

I wish everyone could listen to this. The practical outcome of this would cause revival in our hearts.


1. The Word must abide in us, in our spirit - daily.

2. Fellowship with the Lord - Prayer. There is no power in prayer because there are many people who pray - Hindu, Muslim etc. The power is in the presence of Jesus. There is power in the practice of the presence of Jesus. Communion is prayer. Not just bringing a list to God. When we say PRAYER we say the practice of the Presence of Jesus.

3. Never walk away from your call. There is an anointing and protection on your office.

Death to self happens as we wait upon the Lord. The flesh does not die when you just say no... The Holy Spirit gives us the inner strenght to live free from the flesh and its control and this happens when we wait upon the Lord.