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Practising the Presence of God

One of my most favourite sermons ever.

I wish everyone could listen to this. The practical outcome of this would cause revival in our hearts.

1. The Word must abide in us, in our spirit - daily.

2. Fellowship with the Lord - Prayer. There is no power in prayer because there are many people who pray - Hindu, Muslim etc. The power is in the presence of Jesus. There is power in the practice of the presence of Jesus. Communion is prayer. Not just bringing a list to God. When we say PRAYER we say the practice of the Presence of Jesus.

3. Never walk away from your call. There is an anointing and protection on your office.

Death to self happens as we wait upon the Lord. The flesh does not die when you just say no... The Holy Spirit gives us the inner strenght to live free from the flesh and its control and this happens when we wait upon the Lord.

Benny speaks about the effect that hunger for God and for scripture has on us. The minute people get sick they loose their appitite for food. It is the same in the spirit. We cannot afford to leave the secret place, to lose our hunger for it.

When your gift opperates it does not mean your in a right place with the Lord. There is an anointing in you (connected with Jesus in you - salvation - The presence of the Lord, His nature filled your heart and you don't feel this. You know the Lord, you don't feel Him. You feel the power on you) There is also an anointing on you. There is a difference between in and on.

The Practice of the Presence is when the Lord becomes more REAL to you than what your flesh wants.... More real than those around you.

"They that wait on the Lord" - this waiting triggers hunger and holy living, godliness... this fellowship is so divine that you will not allow your eyes to look upon filth.

You start to commune with the Lord after the flesh is dead. And this happens when you have waited upon the Lord. When you wait your flesh starts to decrease. (repentance is part of this)

God brings you into His presence. You dont just walk in. "He braught me into His banqueting Table"

For more... click the link... it only gets better...

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