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Vladi-what? Vlad.vostok... A Port city

The first time I came across this name, it sounded like Greek, I mean Russian to me! Who would have known that two years later I would visit this city of which Gladys Aylward wrote. I watched a movie someone made out of her life during Christmas last year - what an incredible story (The book of course much better and can be purchased on the YWAM Biography list)

"Population 597,476

Borders with China and N.rth Korea. Vlad.vostok hosted the ongoing 24th Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. Ethnic Russ.ans and Ukra.nians make up the majority of the population but there is also a large Chinese, Vietnamese and Uzbek population as well."

This is a newish Ywam base and they are still in pioneering phase. I am really looking forward going, not only to teach but to give imput. Click here for their base - see their lovely faces and pray for them. They are a nice bunch of people, who's previous team I debriefed.

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