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Some pics I took the last week

It was sad to see so much poverty still remaining in Bangkok, Thailand. Some parts reminded me of India. But nothing can really compare with India. It is a whole other level. I took this photo as we by passed the man lying on the train grids, with his earphones in his ears. I wish I could know what he was listening to. Shall I remind you how hot that sun was that he was lying in...

For miles the road work workers' shacks lined up alongside our tracks.

You can get a clipse here of how it looked like. What you cannot see in this photo is that the houses are build over water on stilts in many parts.

It was a beautiful 5 minutes from the window. Open windown. I took non-AC by mistake. I was not clean on arrival! If I had to do it again... I think I will do "blistering-hot-open-window" again!

At some point we passed a series of very old temples. They must be hundred of years old.

What an amazing grey daunting mountain in the back! I just stared at it for a long time. The rice fields are also amazing but the train goes to fast to get it in focus.

It is nice to catch someone like this in focus!! Everytime we stoped, people would sell food at the windows.

Just the other day:

Worship with Ch.nese, Mongol.ans, Koreans, etc... was wonderful!!

With some of my modern day heroes! Tom H, Stephen G, David H, Conkeys - Founders of Create Int'l, Penny, The UofN President Marcus, Bruna that leads VAM... just amazing people.

At the conference, I caught some kids watching create films.

At our YWAM Banner

With Chommie in my room where she is eating a REAL bone! I love this doggy too much!

Below her, my garlic that is still amazingly growing in my garden! They give me the happy feeling.

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