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10 Tests the Christian will face

This is my very brief summary - but listening to it, will add incredible meat to these 10 bones by someone who has walked the walked and came out real good on the other side.

1. Time test.

He will put you on the shelf to test your motives

2. Word test.

Where will you go when trouble is there? Do you know the word and what God says.

3. The servant test.

Will you serve another man, a ministry How do you treat other servants?

4. The wilderness test.

It took 40 years to get Egypt out of Moses. How long will your test last... as long as it takes to get the world out of you. It is also a place of temptation.

5. Patience test.

"When will my time come?"

6. Frustration time test.

When you are so frustrated with life and stuff...

7. The discouragement test.

It helps you to refocus

8. The test of WAR.

Learning how to walk in the spirit

9. The Vision test.

Your vision will be tested. Stick with your vision. Hab2:1-3

10. The Promotion test.

How will you handle promotion? Do you become another person. Proud. God will test your heart.

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