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Training base and school staff in Phang Nga

I received a warm South Thailand welcome on arrival, and training the base and school staff has been so much fun. We are working VERY hard. I did not even expect that we were going to do all we are doing. I found this great pic on the way here in the airline magazine. It reminded me of one of our Values "First Do then Teach"


I have been introducing quite a few new things to them and its a great feeling to help the base streamline - moving from pioneering to establishment. This is always a tough time because it means "Outgrowing the small and making place for the bigger New. " It is letting go of old ways and embrasing new systems and ways of thinking.

The staff has been encredibly open and grateful for the help and training. I love helping with new strategic ways and ideas - so it has been more fun to me personally than usual training. This is having fun with my "strength finder test" - being strategic, maximer, deliberate. :-) I am using the "3week staff training book" I compiled and it is a HUGE help! It is fun using my own books!

They have been feeding me really well. We do the typical Thai thing by jumping in the really old rusty bakkie,(literally DUCKTAPING doors!) and then finding a spot to eat, stuffing ourselves with rice, chillies and whatever comes with it. This was last night's food. People... my mouth was on FIRE!!

The Team.

This part of Thailand have a type of gum tree - literally cries gum! Spot the roach who got stuck in the sticky mess. This is what happens if one gets stuck!

Daow is one of the amazing Thai leaders and she leads this base. We talked non stop on Monday! Then we drove to the nice hot ocean and went for a swim. We drove back soaking wet to the base... still talking!

Our time of Worship spilled into Intercession and we ended up in front of the cross laying down our own ideas and desires, picking up what God wanted us to carry. This was totally unplanned. Then we went into a teachable moment on "how do we do intercession" Intercession is not just rambling down the principles or steps... it is much more than that.

One thing that I try to encourage is for us not to separate worship and intercession but to have our intercession come out of a time of worship with God. Once we have entered in through thanks giving and praise, and while in that place of sweet fellowship with God, we lean in even deeper and ask God what is on His heart... and move into intercession with His ideas and not our own prayer agenda. Two hours passed very quick and it was very sweet.

I am so glad I came to this base!


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