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The Flag Jacket Story

In 2005, during Nations2Nations in Cape Town, the Lord spoke to me and said: "I want you to take your jacket, and put the flags of the nations onto it" I went home for the weekend, and my mother told me of a lady in Stilbaai who had a machine who could put the flags on with embroidery. After a few months the jacket was ready... but there was a mistake on it. It said "University of the Nation" - The "s" was mission in Nations. I remember putting it on one night and the Lord said "No! I do not want you to wear this Jacket until the day I say so" I did not take it back to the lady, as by that time I have moved to Australia. I asked my mother to post it to me and so I had this Jacket with me for 4 years in Australia. No one there could help me finish it. Then I moved to Thailand in 2010, but even after a thai friend helped me by going all over the city to find someone to finish the Jacket - everyone said NO! I took it back to South Africa in 2014 - back to the same lady! She not only fixed the "s" but she added many more flags... and she did not charge me an arm and a leg. I was extremely grateful and really sensed God's hand on the whole thing. I took it back to Thailand... wondering where and when the Lord would release me to wear it. Then, our YWAM Founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham, came to Chiang Mai to infuse YWAM DNA into all of us. I stayed in the hotel with the core team and strongly sensed to take the Jacket with me. I did not show it to anyone... During one of the worship sessions, the Lord started speaking to us about our Global Visa Challenge. It is not only in one or two nations but YWAM as a whole is in a battle in many nations for visas. As we started praying I heard Holy Spirit say: "Go get the Jacket" I first thought "NO!" Not with all these "big leaders" here... It will look strange and it will draw attention to myself!" Again, while I was thinking those thoughts: "GO GET THE JACKET" came undeniably to me. So I jumped on my motorbike and in 5 minutes I was back with the Jacket... I went to one of the intercession facilitators who then went to Darlene... who then facilitated a move of the Lord in regards to visas. As Ywammers from 50 nations placed the jacket on, some of them would start to weep. It was amazing to watch. Many are from closed nations. But as many who wanted, so many came to the front to quickly put it on - prayer prayer - next person... and so on. PICTURE - heads are off because of security :-)

The most amazing thing is that we really had some incredible stories of breakthrough in that same week!! God did not one, but many miracles for individuals but also for one of our mega bases, where 350 international ywammers were suppose to leave within a very short period of time. YAHOO FOR GOD!!

This is me sharing the story of the jacket... I was quite overwhelmed (as you can see) by the fact that is was for THIS time that I carried that piece of material to 3 continents... It took altogether 10 years for it to see the light!

Virms and I praying "Africa2Asia-Bridge" to overflow with people.

I am doing the Khmer Bamboo dance

Nightmarket fun

Yes, ofcourse there is a story to this pic.

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