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It began... and its good.

We finally started the Masters and it did start with a bang on many levels. Spiritually (it is after all spiritual formation) and physically (in the sense of really good snacks that suits a masters) The students are leaders from various walks of life in Ywam. We gather together in a really beautiful garage of a gorgeous house overlooking the ocean in Cape Town.

We are already reading a lot. I appreciate being spiritually, emotionally and intellectually challenged. "Every one's voice is heard" was established from the start and it is nice to continuously jump into deep controversial conversations without fear.

I will summarise our initial talks with a quote from Dallas Willard "Christian spiritual formation is the process through which the embodied / reflective will takes on the character of Christ's will" It is the process through which (Gal4:19) Christ is formed in you and me.

We went to the beautiful Garden in Kirstenbosch for a mini 5 hour silent retreat, reflecting on questions given. I was there with my camera, taking in all the flowers, the giant grey mountain as backdrop, thinking "Dear God, your creation is beautiful" Then I became aware of a group of students and suddenly it dawned on me. In Genesis, God made this profound statement "... and it was very good.

I thought: The flowers, good. The mountain, good. The food, good. But through the lens of God... the people made in the image of God, very good, as said in Hebrews, "from One Blood He made all people groups" I had so many photos of creation, but none of people. None of the "very good"

That is why this picture.

This photo of the cheeta and springbok was not only beautiful but reminded me of a Word that God gave me. It was something like "I will give you feet like a springbok so that you can learn how to dodge cheetahs" Only three days later I bumped into this statue. I had goosebumps all over for a minute.

Thank you for reading my news.

I am still in a place where I am raising funds to pay for the Masters.


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