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Where it all started - January 2016

If you have been following my blog on my website, you will know about Blue Bubbles the small car that not only gave us tremendous trouble but who finally decided, in January 2016 to burst its own bubble.


Only a few days before our car went to the grave yard I got rid of my 2nd bike that Penny (The Ywam’er that I share my house with) used to drive with. Little did we know that a week later, we would have 1 bike between the two of us. We live 7km out of town, and 10km from the office - so! We had a huge problem.

We decided that we would not pray for another bike. We had to pray for a car for many logistical reasons - not just staying out of the blazing sun or buying toilet paper in monsoon whilst paddling through the mud-pool to get to my gate. This was a massive step of faith for both Penny and I. I actually admired Penny for her perseverance in this because to be honest - I would have settled for a bike.

February 2016

We prayed. At first we said “Lord, a car, any car. We are desperate for wheels as long as it does not break!”