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News & 3 Books I would like you to (strongly) consider...

Hi Family, Friends and Sponsors,

I cannot believe I am back in Thailand after months in SA! (yes... I already miss red meat a lot but I am super glad to be home in Chiang Mai.)

PHOTO 1 - 7 Feb 2017

DTS Centre Leaders to various regions in the world.

I was invited to be part of these meetings because of the resources I create for DTS schools - Good news is that during this time, VIETNAM came to me and asked if they could translate the DTS books into Vietnamese. That was a huge highlight of my time. I also connected with dear friends from literally all 5 continents. What a huge blessing to see some faces in person.


​I hit 40 and... as we say "pille & brille" (reading glasses) did come upon me but the thing about reading glasses (which I am trying to get use to) is that it changes perspective. It helps us to see more clearly. This is what I find this book to be doing in my heart towards the person of Jesus. It puts Jesus in a perspective that I have not seen before and it creates a hunger... for Him and for deeper intimacy with Him.

This book is strongly suggested reading for our DTS teams - not only by me but by Int'l DTS CENTRE TEAM facilitators. Trent was a speaker during our lectures in Cape Town and needless to say, I agree that his message ought to go viral :-)

If at all possible, get a hold of this book.

It is set as a devotional over 40 days - easy to read but DEEP! I am so challenged while reading this.

Praying over SKYE JETANI

Skye is an amazing voice in our Masters Program and we had the wonderful privilege to have him as a speaker here in Asia at this gathering. His input to us was priceless. Check out his book Futureville.



​​FUTUREVILLE - "What we believe about tomorrow determines how we live today. As Christians debate how to faithfully engage with our rapidly changing world, our vision of the future has never been more important.But rather than providing a clear sense of purpose for our lives, popular Christian ideas about the future steal it from us by saying our work in the world, apart from ministry, has no eternal value. Is it any wonder why young adults are less interested in church, or why a culture desperate for meaning and hope dismisses our message?In Futureville, Skye Jethani offers us a vision-shifting glimpse of the world of tomorrow described in Scripture. He reveals how a biblical vision of the future can transform every person’s work with a sense of purpose and dignity today.Futureville is a smart, inspiring call to cultivate the order, beauty, and abundance that reflects the heart and vision of God for our world."


"There’s a good reason why Skye is a senior editor at Leadership Journal…he writes with a stylish verve, real intelligence, and spiritual depth. Suggesting that the basic posture that you adopt towards God determines the quality, meaning, and direction of your life, With is designed to head readers in the right direction." Alan Hirsch, author of Untamed,


I will be teaching :

In a couple of days from now I will be teaching in the Create Int'l Discipleship Training School and right after that, I will be stepping into weekly full-time Thai-class (while I am still doing daily work for the Masters) and then as I am about to do a Border Run in Burma I will stop by Chiang Rai and teach Hearing God's Voice.

Work in general:

In the midst of that I am preparing a whole new set of training books to take to England later this year. The Masters Program is helping me to see some things in a much different and "deeper-relevant" way and it has been great to not only be deeply challenged myself by what we learn but to tweak some of the discipleship books I've put together. In November I tweaked (for a final time!) the Day&Night 1 bible study/journal. You can find it here


Prayer Points:

1. That DTS students will not only grasp what I will convey to them but also know how to turn teaching into daily practical experiences with God in their walk with Him.

2. Pray for those vietnam translators that they will have clarity as they translate.

3. Grace upon grace to learn Thai and RETAIN it.

4. That I will maintain physical and mental strength and energy to do both thai and masters at the same time.

5. Regarding finance - I need to buy an International ticket for June to go to class in Cape Town! Your ongoing monthly support is highly valued - if you do not know why... here is part of the bigger why!

Thank you for your prayer & support

Sarah Anna-Lise

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