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The dream about the stealing Monkeys


Don't know if you saw my last newsletter about the two dreams that came true last week - the one about the huge Pink Pigs, and then the one in the Psychiatric ward. If you did not you can read about it here.

Last night I had another dream.

This time it was 3 stealing monkeys and one had a baby. They came into my house and started stealing my fruit. I tried to chase them away but they were really sneaky and when I looked away they would come.

They came back time and time again. When I woke up I started talking to Jesus about the dream and asked: "What was that about?"

He said "Monkeys come to steal. They are taking what does not belong to them. These monkeys take fruit and it is symbolic of your sponsorship from people.

The baby was symbolic of the excuse that "I have a child to feed so I can take what is yours"

The interesting thing is that the more influence I have internationally, the more my sponsorship fell. The "free training resources" I have created is now on the front page of our University's website.(

I keep on hearing how different bases over the world are using them and that it is a blessing. The biggest blessing for me is that I am daily influencing Ch*na and very closed T*bet.

I did not even know about the YWAM students in South Africa that was using the books.

What a joy it was to hear that. V*etnam is busy translating the discipleship training books! yahoo. Many Base Leaders are using the Pioneer book.

I am busy with an entire new set of training resources (while I am studying Thai and doing the Masters) that I believe will be a tremendous blessing to the body missionaries that I help. (I cannot say too much about it here but I can see why there is Monkeys trying to steal... I have a VERY strong word from the Lord to study Thai and to stay here... so I will fight for this. I am not to go back to SA yet - just incase you were wondering.)

So... Back to the dream... Monkeys come to steal

This warning dream made complete sense.

February 2017 was my lowest month in regards to income since I came to Thailand. After paying my rent and electricity yesterday I had just enough left for food for the month.

In 2016 I saw nearly every 8 weeks another name disappear from my list on my bank account. Whether R50 or R500 or R1000 - suddenly gone without warning.

I had not one person warn me that they were about to withdraw which reveals that this might not be happening from the place of prayer and word of the Lord...

I always release people but I strongly sense what is happening is not of God but that the Thief is literally in my yard stealing. I will not give it my joy. Nor my calling but it needs addressing. It has to go.

I am in trouble unless sponsorship goes up.

Visa fees are expensive and as constant as paying Rent! And I have to fly... in June, (and apply for new visa again because they only grant 6 months) then I fly in Nov again. I need to pay insurance in Aug. I cannot save up...

What can you pray?

1. In regards to the Monkeys:

Lord, protect the fruit that is from you.

2. In regards to the Baby:

Lord, expose false excuses that stop individuals from giving where you call to give.

3. Increase the fruit again that there will be enough in the house - not for survival but enough to share.

4. Lord, do I and my family come onboard as a monthly sponsor? How can I partner financially in 2017. What is your conviction to me? How do I respond?

5. Prices have gone up like crazy. Ask the Lord if you should increase what you have been giving. He can just say yes or no. Go with His answer - what you sense in your heart with the peace that comes with it.

For Him, Sarah

ABSA 907 558 0094 . Stilbaai

Savings Account: SA Breedt


FNB Savings - SA Breedt

62 61 46 15 245

Stillbay Branch 250655




PS: This photo of me was a couple of years ago, but the dream reminded me of this!

I was with the Int'l Frontier Missions leadership team in Cape Town and we went to Cape Point... A friend from Egypt warned me about the Baboons... his warning was correct - as you can see!

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