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Good (fruitful) translation news

So this is the awesome email I got today!

...and just by the way - after 4 years of praying for the French Translation to get done ... we finally have a team that said they will finish it and INCLUDE Haitian Kreyol DOUBLE WOW - pray for them ok!!

HUGE THANKS to a friend of mine in Switzerland who did a lot of the French Translation without payment! May we reach many African, European and American French speaking Yammers who Pioneer & Disciple in French!

Back to Ch*nese Fruit...


"Ok so now I am here in D (somewhere in the Middle East) about to begin a Ch*nese DTS with P & L & E. They are all ma*nland Ch* and all did there DTS in Chiang Mai and they all used your books !!! (in Ch*nese!!) . Amazing lady have done such a great job ....well done. Sorry that we have not started with the Arab*c translations yet!

Now for my questions . - The Ch*nese staff have a couple of copies of your DTS journal ...we are wanting to ask you if it is ok to copy the pages for the book report for "is that really you God" ?

Also if it is ok to use some of your questions for their journal work?

Also would you have any of the english copy available on pdf ...especially the questions for "is that really you God"? that you wodl be willing to send me? as we have need for 1 student and 1 staff for english.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you."

Now THAT was good news!

It really made my day!!

What this person did not know is that: ITS FREE! ONLINE...

If you need a DTS Book to help you... download the PDF here


in all the Omega Zones... where we are not!


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