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Till October Zarias. Hello studies / Thailand

Hi Family and Friends,

I am in Cape Town for the Master's track / Module #3, and I cannot believe it's been nearly a year since starting. You will only hear from me again once I am in Thailand (pray for a smooth visa application!) and I trust that you will be able to see updates about Zarias on Facebook.

Zarias is doing good. LETS KEEP PRAYING! He is a bit of a miracle by now!! It does not seem that he is losing any more weight. He is talking much more too which is great. Prayer at the moment is especially for his weak lungs. He is still on full-on oxygen. And for ALL Cancer to LEAVE his body.

Here is a video where we had spontaneous fun while Zarias watched from his bed. It's more a family memory but enjoy if you like. I am glad the camera was at hand.

Once every 5 year Sponsor Request:

As you know I am in the middle of my Master's in Discipleship and Spiritual Formation with the aim to create more resources for the 10-40 window. I can only do this if my computer is working... and it is on it's last leg! I can work at most 2 hours on it per day and then it's dead. It has to do with the mother-board. The computer is between 4-5 years old already and has been amazing. (I flogged this horse if you know what I mean)

I need to invest in a new Mac Book Pro and they are expensive. The heavy programs I use for books I create & films do need the Pro version. They are R25 000. Will you allow Holy Spirit to speak to you about this? As I always say: He can only say yes or no!

Not only that: If I do not keep my iPhone 5 in the charging socket it cannot even make it through the morning anymore. This is a crazy. I do not want a new phone but unfortunately I will have to raise money for a phone too. I stick with iPhone because it sync with all my devices.


My Stripes Doggy... the one with the ball... is GONE.

I am devastated to say the least. But if God could tell Saul that "the Donkeys were found" and if 2 cows could walk straight back to the Israelites... then God can bring my doggy back. This is my prayer. My heart is very broken over this. There will be an incredible feast in my home when someone returns my doggy...

Will you pray with me that God will do a miracle and bring her home.

Much love from me - and to be honest - I cannot wait to be back in warmer weather in Thailand! The snow on the mountains were STUNNING as FC and I returned from Stilbaai to Cape Town. But it is COLD!!!!

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