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18June'17 09:10am - Zarias went Home.

Mom rang me Friday.

"I think you need to come home if you can."

After class I drove home to Stilbaai and sat with Zarias.

When I arrived I could see that he was not doing well.

He struggled to talk.

I took out my phone and took video. I am so glad I did.

He suddenly perked up.

His speech became clear.

I have some precious memories (explanations about his special knife, very special watch and gun included) for Alexander... and you saw the last of that conversation where Zarias told him never to question the ways of God when pain is involved.


I hope that perhaps this video below will work for you.

It is the one with the funeral footage.

Clip played at the Funeral - Afrikaans audience.

Clip with Slight changes in footage and music with the inclusion of the actual Funeral and Graveside footage for our Ywam friends and friends who could not make the funeral in Stilbaai.

It has english subtitles.

That night we watched rugby with Zarias and ate pizza.

There was no sign of what was to take place 12 hours later.

Zarias suddenly mentioned how rugby takes time away from husbands spending time with their wives and kids - I will never forget what he said that night. In his last 6 months he truly lived "Family First"

This might seem out of context... but I look back and think "Thank you Mom and Dad for not leaving us with the legacy of a divorce" because we know what it take for family relationship to continue. "Love is not a feeling - it is an act of the will" as Don Francisco sang. I bless you for living forgiveness in front of us.

Sunday morning we all stood around him as he left us.

It was sudden and full of peace.

My wish came true. I was right next to him.

I had to go back to Cape Town to get my computer to make a memorial video for him.

I decided to stay with my YWAM group while I made the film.THANK YOU to to `Master's Cohort and Maureen who really went out of the way to make it as easy as possible for me.

I could just sit in the house making an excruciating painful piece while crying my eyes out.

You just let me be. You gave me space while I was still surrounded with community. Thank you.

And when I "lost my car-keys"... the way you dealt with it blessed me deeply.


Thank you Kima and Elaine for driving with me to Stilbaai.

Thank you Emmie for the house.

Thank you Oom Smiley and Tannie Jennie!

Thank you Penny - you know all you've done including that bus ride!

Thank you to all my family flying up to George from Pretoria. You nearly filled a plane ;-)

We filled the hall for the funeral. So many came. Thank you.

Thank you YWAM for the flowers.

Thank you Dad, FC and Jacques for the MOST BEAUTIFUL coffin for Zars.

Thank you Mom for giving more than what you had.

Thank you to ALL the Von Molendorf in-laws. You are incredible! So proud of you.

Thank you cousin Rudolph for the WhatsApp group and Olive Trees.

Thank you to the unknown lady for the oxygen machine. Bless you!

Thank you Tannie Enit and Jaco...

Thank you to all of you who came with the juices and food.

Thank you to Anne-Marie old Kruinsig buddy in Kempton about Alexander...

Thank you to each and every FB message and phone call to me.

Thank you Stefan and Trudy Hugo - Even-though I did not have to use your offer I was deeply touched.

Thank you for my Sponsor who came through with a phone and computer for me when I needed it...

Thank you Nolene & Lena... the extra mile is an understatement.

Thank you to EVERYONE who gave finance to get Zarias back to SA in time.

Thank you Inge for being the most outstanding spouse to my brother. Nothing could beat that!!

Thank you Corine for sending FC to Thailand. It came at a cost on many levels.

Thank you Miryam for leading us in worship around Zarias' bed. So amazing!

I could not have asked God for 3 more amazing sister-in-law's than the 3 of you :-)

We did some crazy things as a family the last few weeks.

I guess the Breedt's do like to do things other-than...

We took times to secretly sleep next to Zarias in the hospital outside visiting hours.

The one nurse saw me at 3am... that was something I will not forget!

As a family we managed to personally care for Zarias till the end never leaving him.

Zarias had a whistle. Upon hearing that whistle we would rush to his side. The morning he passed away, about an hour later, I heard a whistle and ran down the passage... only to find the empty bed. That was a moment. It happened twice. Silly bird outside - it got me a few times.

Zarias asked never to be put into a normal coffin.

I was SO VERY PROUD of my family who handcrafted a coffin.

I was so very proud of them picking wild flowers and Proteas...

I was so very proud of Jacques driving him on his bakkie...

I was so very proud that we did not carry him with golden handles...

I was so very proud of his funeral-booklet! Thank you Pakketmoles for your help.

I was also so very proud of my family: When this mighty storm came, we were truly found on a Rock of Love.

Our family was build on a solid foundation and sand was nowhere to be found in crunch time.

I am so very sad that we had to say goodbye to a second brother.

I am so very grateful that we know Jesus and that Zarias could be with united with Antonie!

It was amazing to sing praises to God around his bed as he left us.

"Hallelujah, for the Lord God Almighty Reign. Worthy is the Lamb. You are Holy."

I have a renewed gratefulness to the Cross on which a Savior hung.

He Rose from that grave so that when we died, we could truly live.

Thank you Jesus. Thank You Father. Thank you Holy Spirit.

Our lives are Yours. Forever. For eternity. What a Living Hope. What joy in the grief.

We are Yours.

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