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Unexpected trip to COSTA RICA!

Dear Friends & Sponsors,


Sometimes I pray, say amen... and move on with the day.

Sometimes I pray and know that something is up... I just don't know what.

Sometimes I pray... and it feels abnormally intense.

Then I keep praying as I see things that God is saying... and then...

God suddenly captures my heart for what I was praying and says:

And now you GO!

This is what happened this week.

I was having my normal quiet time. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Lord started sharing some things with me through a vision. It had to do with YWAM. So I prayed for about a week. Part of the vision had airplanes in it.

I thought I was done. On Friday, as I woke up (I was scarcely awake) I had a vision of plane flying very fast past my bed straight to Costa Rica where YWAM's University will be having their bi-yearly Workshop.

I was NOT planning on going. I really did not feel that I had to go to this meeting. And it is FAR. SUPER FAR, and I am going to South Africa again in November for the Masters. I am still emotionally tired from my brother's story, looking for my dog and some other stuff and loss that is happening at the same time (I will share in another newsletter) . It is just a crazy season and on top of it I have to study and learn Thai. My concentration is so bad, I could not remember the word "Hippo" 3 times in 5 minutes the other day.


When that grey airplane passed my bed (in a the vision) as I woke up, I sensed two things strongly. Keep praying for YWAM, & GO to the University Workshop !

I was like WHAT!! No ways. GO? That was NOT on my to do list!

But on the serious note:

When God tells us to do something... we say YES. We live in the Fear of the Lord. When you serve with YWAM, you cannot let finance determine what you do. It has to be the Lord.


I have to cover 9 FLIGHTS. It is a lot of flying. I actually had a dream 1 March this year - my hand was STACKED with air tickets... I woke up and though OH NO!!


Here are 2 stories of sharing Jesus while flying

You and I don't just share Jesus when we are "on the mission field" or "when we are missionaries" It is a life style. Paul said: Be prepared to share because it could happen "out of season" - when you least expect it!

(2 Tim4:2)

Flight Story 1 - When I flew back from Zarias's funeral

I usually keep to myself. But there are times that God has placed me next to people that I just knew I had to talk to. On my way back from the funeral I sat next to a man, and I could strongly sense he was struggling. On my other side sat a man who could not stop talking to me. We had fun (he was Afrikaans) but I knew I had to engage with the silent figure on my left. Perhaps 3 hours in to our long flight we "very naturally" started to talk. I was right. He had to change his plans, and fly back to the UK to family. All he basically said was: "It is something very similar to your story" (Illness & Funeral) We started talking about God. He came from a Catholic background but did not "really-really believe" He was the European stereotype in his "religious" thinking. At one point I asked him "Has anyone ever told you that God is a person, with a personality, He is like the most wonderful loving Father and that He loves the people that He created including you? He leaned forward in his chair. Shook his head. Said NO. I asked again "You mean you have never heard He is a Good Father?" No, He said again. Needless to say we had a long and good conversation. It took at least 45-50 years for this man to hear this message for the first time. I was so sad.


Flight Story 2 - The Atheist South African

Nice guy. Young, intellectual, smart and very nice looking atheist. I have no idea how we got onto the God topic but it was a great conversation. It was a 2 hour flight and we talked literally non stop! I think we were both out of the box extroverted that day but talked until we picked up our luggage! At one point I said to him - I know God is on your case - he is hunting you down because he loves you, you will see because your not REALLY an atheist! I gave him an email address and said: If you ever have a question... just ask. Two days later I receive an email saying: "You wont believe it. My host I am staying with is from YWAM!"

Oh, that was a great feeling!

9 Flights to go... A lot could happen.


ABSA . | . FNB . | . UK . | . PAYPAL | . BKK


And keep praying with me that my dog STRIPES would be returned to me.

I have 1x2Meter banners in key places in my area. I cannot believe she has not been returned yet.

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