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[Part 3] 3 Week Trip - Bethel Int'l Conference Los Angeles

During the Masters Program in Module 3, we had to compare Skye Jethani with Bill Johnson. We had Skye in person at both the International Discipleship Training Centre meetings in Chiang Mai earlier this year and he was one of our main Key Note Speakers for the University Meetings I just had in Costa Rica.

I would like to take a moment and strongly encourage the Body of Christ to purchase Skye's book "FUTUREVILLE" I do believe it is a strong message to us in this season, and not just for YWAM.

For my South African friends, if you cannot order the book, create an Amazon Kindle account online!

Before I went to Costa Rica, I kept feeling to pray for the UofN meetings and during these prayer times, one thing stood out: God wanted to "change the time-clock of the UofN." While Skye was teaching, I kept on sensing that his word to us was super prophetic and that it was to usher us into what the Lord has for the UofN in regards to the 7 Spheres / 7 Mountains (or 7 Influences if you like).

It was thus no surprise when during one of this teaching times, God interrupted us - Our UofN president took the mic and said something in these lines: "God is changing the clock and he is preparing us for the 7 spheres of society" My heart jumped a beat. The UofN's thank you gift to Skye was a watch and I knew that it was not only appropriate but quite profound... then something very similar to this happened at my next conference (not YWAM)


Los Angeles USA

Reading books and writing papers for the Masters is one thing... to have the author with you in a room, is different!

​​What a privilege to have had Skye in person... but I never thought I would hear Bill Johnson in person (and that quite a few times these two weeks)

While living in Thailand, I plug into Bethel's teachings and worship on a weekly basis. Kris Vallotton is one of my favorite speakers and I would say a current influences in my life alongside the amazing Master's program. I do find that much of our discussions during the Masters are also being mirrored by Key International Church Leaders world wide. In the end of the day, it is the SAME SPIRIT that guides and leads us, isn't it! The amazing thing is that our conference in Costa Rica was called: "On earth as it is in heaven" - the exact same line as the LA Conference!


Carl Lentz, Robert Madu, Lou Engle, Brooke Ligertwood, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson, Danny Silk and Paul Manwaring.

Key message was:

Jesus was the Father’s full expression of Heaven on earth. He responded to brokenness, disease and separation with transformative love and authority. There is an invitation to each one of us in how Jesus lived. Heaven is looking for partners, for those who will give their “yes.” Jesus has given us the keys to the Kingdom– qualifying us to call forth miracles, signs and wonders. “Greater things shall you do in My name.” -John 14:12


I think, God just looked after us in a special way! We were 4 single girls from all over the world. All 4 of us came, because we love Jesus and felt that He asked us to be there. I don't even know how it happened, but we found ourselves eating and praying and crying together. It was not just a "conference." God blessed us in a window of 3 days, to really bless and encourage one another. We all agreed that this made the conference really special. We were never alone and had deep rich fellowship.


I assume all of you reading this are familiar with a man called Lou Engle | The Call. If you have seen Lou, you will notice one thing. He never stops rocking back and forth. He was one of our last speakers on stage and to say that he was "on fire" is an understatement. As he was about to walk off the stage, one of the Bethel Leaders stoped him and started to prophesy over him and said: "Lou, you are like a Grandfather Clock and every time you rock back and forth you change the clock in the spirit" Lou had a moment and as he took the mic to respond, he said: "When this ministry was birthed, God said that it would be like a Grandfather Clock, and it would change time"

Not only was the UofN and Bethel Conference called by the same name this year, it had very similar prophetic words that was unexpectedly yet strongly emphasized by Prophets.



The Lord also waited until the very last day to speak a very clear new word to me. I was walking on my way at 9am to the Microsoft hall praying in my heart when God spoke a fresh word loud and clear in my spirit. Later in the afternoon I was at the right time, at the right place where someone from Bethel prayed over me and said WORD FOR WORD EXACTLY what God spoke in my heart in the morning.

I go back to Thailand, knowing I am still in the right place, doing the things that is part of my call for this season. I felt God strongly encourage me... and it is with a SUPER HAPPY HEART that I return to Thailand while madly in love with Jesus all over again!

Thank you for your participation and prayers in my life - and for reading my news!

I bless you

Sarah AnnaLise

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