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My lovely time with Radio Pulpit

Talking on Radio was both nerve-racking and fun at the same time! I mean, who likes to listen to their own voice... You know what I mean, right? I break into a sweat every time I put a short video clip with a message on FB or Youtube! ​ But in the end, we fight for people and nations. It is not about us and I try my best not to walk under the intimidation of the unknown expectations from others. That can become such a burden that is not right to carry. I thus gave this burden to Jesus, and had fun while talking to those who tuned into Radio Pulpit.

It reminded me of Scott Peck who said that if we truly love people, it will always lead to their Spiritual Formation. They might not like me. They might really hate me. But love is not a feeling I go by. True love seeks the Formation of another person or family member (and I add, people group that I might not like because of cultural and value differences. I am called to deeply love the image bearer of God on earth (that is every human being, saved or not because mankind is made in His image!) and seeing through the eyes of Jesus, makes this possible.

This is the message of the cross indeed. He died while we walked in our sin that separated us from the most amazing and loving relationship imagined. It is not just on an individual basis. He came to redeem creation and people groups.

​For those who tuned in on Radio Pulpit 9 and 16 December... I hope you enjoyed the talks. My favourite part was mentioning how we can be involved in the 7 spheres of society in the face of missions & that teens should consider a GAP-year for Jesus before they study! We don't give our hearts to Jesus, we surrender our lives to Him and He has the final say in what we should do - this is the Fear of the Lord :-)

When I use the term missions, I talk about someone that is sent from their nation to another nation or people/ethne group. The face of missions changed so much and we can use our wonderful gifts to serve in nearly any capacity these days. Mission is not just the bush-bush in Africa any more. The reach of the internet and the way we can do translations today has changed that. Nor is it western nations going to non-western nations. More and more do we see non-westerners picking up the missions mantle, sharing the Gospel abroad.

You can ask God for strategies within your Business to impact nations. Perhaps you can start a business for missions in the 10-40 window and still do what you love! We can influence Government & Politics, Family & Education systems, Entertainment/Media and Religion. Below is a small example on how to think differently. Ask the Lord which sphere HE has called you to, ask for His Kingdom strategies... and let's see heaven-thinking come to earth!

Then I talked about South Africa. The GOOD NEWS is that I will be doing my CAPSTONE for my Masters' Project on South Africa and in this way sow into the Spiritual Formation of my own nation.

I do ask you to please pray for me for Wisdom and safety as I will commence this project in 2018 - 2019. I will need to raise sponsorship for this and trust God for someone to sponsor me with a very reliable car that can take me between Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town. (I am both a student and full time volunteer with YWAM meaning I have to constantly raise my own support)

Thank you for reading this update and bless you!

And may God richly bless our beautiful Christian Nation.

Sarah Beriyth

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