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Why I wish you my bathroom scenario

I don’t think I want to say “HAPPY” new year to you that I love. Let me explain why I want to wish you my bathroom scenario!

My 1Jan’18 (this morning!) started by picking up two parents who came to see their daughter who found out on Christmas day she has cancer of the serious sort. How do I say “HAPPY” new year in the face of such a challenge.

Two of my sponsors are fighting cancer too and my dear Mom is really struggling with her health (non-cancerous tumour behind her eye causing tremendous constant pain, and a heart that constantly wants to stop).

Do I say “HAPPY 2018?” while many of my close people, friends and family are actually in a lot of pain?

1 January did not suddenly wipe pain away nor thrusted us into a new season. Most of us still have to journey through a CURRENT season and 1 Jan we can just take a moment to look at the map and go… oh, this is where I am really at on this journey.

If there is something 2017 have taught me, it is that we are not meant to live “HAPPY” lives… it is something else, and I wish THAT to all my friends. That unexplainable Hope while we cry our eyes out, that “WITH-ness” who carries us through each painful pitstop… cause 2018 will most likely have undesirable pitstops where you and I have no choice but to journey through pain.

At those pitstops (whether it is an accident, a sour relationship or a grave) I have realised, we are not united with Christ, in the Presence of our Father by Holy Spirit for HAPPY-ness sake. He does not wipe problems away… he wipes tears away. And He really does!

My 2018 wish for you, is that when you find yourself crying, (that goes for men too ‘cause men who knows Christ knows how to boldly cry in His Presence), you will experience the CLOSENESS OF THE HAND that wipes away tears and then over-shadows with Peace and Presence.

My wish is that we will like Job, in the midst of death and destruction fall down and worship and not deny God’s Impeccable Character like his wife did.

We choose worship when we cry.

We choose worship when we smile.

We choose worship when we are happy.

We choose worship in the secret place.

In our room… or the bathroom with lots of toilet paper like I did many times this year… Choose the bathroom - it works!

The why-why-why will not get answered. Nor the super-spiritual “what for God?” Nope. There is a saturation of comfort in the knowing “I don't need to know and its OK cause He IS” That’s it. He is. He is kind and He is love and He is not facetious. His Enemy is. Our Enemy is.

I wish you a year of spirit to Spirit worship in the secret place where you get to know Him more intimately on your knees while you pour out your heart to Him.

May the eyes of your spirit be enlightened TO SEE & TO KNOW HOPE. (Eph 1)

This Hope is a Person. Experience and know Him more and more this year. This is my prayer for you.

For now... I am off (on a MASSIVE Bike) for a game of Tennis to hit my name with a ball! Last time I played was 2015... I think I felt younger then. Pre- 40's you know!

Sarah Anna-Lise

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