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My life is not a new chapter. Its a new book!

A friend said...

"You're entering a new chapter in life"

I said:

"No, I think I ended a book,

God is starting a new series.

I am in Chapter One"



I was very surprised to found out that the very first original townYWAM functioned out from in

1973-75 in South Africa was none other than the town where I grew up in, and where I am moving to! It use to be YWAM Kempton Park. Why not! It's the home of Jo'Burg Int'l Airport.


This morning I felt an urgency in my spirit to raise a prayer shield over my next season that has in some strange way already started. After some recent dreams, a sudden relapse of vasculitis, and waking up at night knowing that I need to pray, I realised IT IS TIME to raise up very specific prayer support as a shield over what I am about to start.

I cannot share too many details because I am still in the 'getting approval' stage of my Masters Capstone assignment but as soon as I am released, I will share what I am currently working on. I will share about this project in my February update.

I would like to invite you to pray for me like Habakkuk (2:1) did by standing on his post and waiting to see what God would show him to pray.



I need to finalise and present my Capstone Proposal. It involves what I will be doing to help South Africans in their discipleship process. Pray that I will capture the heart of God for my task in the next two weeks before I fly to our Master's Intensive in Cape Town this February. In the mean time we have started with MODULE 5 and I am quite tired by now because of all the constant change. I will sleep in 6 houses in 3 weeks. I think I need grace!



The last 7 years I have learned

Translation = War

Translators = Key

I must WAR for the KEYS

Please pray with me that my Capstone will touch all 12 official language groups in South Africa. Translation will be key.



This is the last week with my dogs and my garden. My house now fits into 2 pieces of luggage and 1 bicylcle bag. My hand luggage has 8 harddrives going home! The two iMacs found a home in the new YWAM Chiang Mai office... and my motor bike is somewhere in Bangkok. ALL WORKED OUT and many were blessed by receiving un-flyable items. Please continue to pray for a smooth transition from Chiang Mai to Cape Town to Kempton Park.

Please share my prayer points with friends in your Bible Study and Prayer Groups.

In summary pray for

  • More Intercessors to come on board to cover me

  • the Red Yaris (there is a story to the RED)

  • The Translators to come onboard

  • For my health - to stay in remission

  • I need to buy an iMac ASAP

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