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So they ask me: "Are you still with YWAM?"

People are asking me: ARE YOU STILL WITH YWAM?


I am YWAM... have been 21 years.

I have a full time call to the University of the Nations - which is YWAM. The UofN is currently in 160 nations! It is more than wonderful to train, disciple & influence nations from all over the world.

Unless something really strange happens,

I will be with YWAM-UofN.

In Costa Rica last year I had some good catch up meetings about what I will be doing once done with the Masters.

There is still much to happen this year and HOPEFULLY many of you will join the program that I will run for my capstone. - STAY TUNED SA !

Not living on the traditional base or near lots of YWAM'ers is strange to say the least. Just living in SA after 12 years away is so different and needs getting use to. Many things have changed.

Being based in the midst of key contacts for my Masters' Capstone Project is a great positive right now. This includes Pretoria with many that I am catching up with...

I had some great meetings in the SAAWE (South Africa Action for World Evangelization) office's here in Kempton Park, listening to what is happening in various mission organizations. I am slowly seeing sponsors I have not seen in a long time.

I am also joining a home group for weekly fellowship near my house.


I will finish the Master's Capstone first. (April 2019). Only then will I pray about my next move (unless God suddenly speaks something out of the blue.) God is faithful and knows exactly what He is doing with me. I also believe He will be strategic in where He moves me next. For now I am know I am smack bang in the middle of His will. That is the best place to be.

JUNE 2018 - UK

I will be joining in some very exciting meetings in Harpenden, England in June. Last time I flew to the UK they detained me for 3 hours. The next time I wanted to fly, I very earnestly prayed about it and God gave a serious NO! I've not had many of those!

This time when the invitation came around, I prayed a number of times before I settled on the YES that I felt because if implies a lot. I personally felt the Lord speak to me about why we are having the meetings in the UK which gave me great peace of mind.

PLEASE DO PRAY that they will grant me a visa

I have been denied a UK visa before!

The UK is Sp*ritual W*rf*re for me. (I don't know why)

So do pray that I have favor at the Pretoria embassy.

Finally after 10 years I will not only see England again but lovely old Southport and Christchurch (two days only). I am looking forward to that.

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