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Radio Pulpit 7:30am 27 March &...

Hi Friends & Sponsors,

When the Lord told me to live in Kempton Park, I had no idea I would connect with so many amazing leaders, intercessors and influencers in a matter of 3 weeks! Even old school friends.

Then I received the email end last week: "Hi, my name is Jen. Can you make it Tuesday 7:30am for a live interview?"

I have been on Radio Pulpit 3 times since November last year but this will be the first LIVE experience for me. PRAYERS will be appreciated.


I have met with 6 different leaders in the last 2 weeks and it is not stopping. I just came back from Pretoria and feel like I am on cloud 99 with what God is doing and the doors He is opening. I have two more KEY meetings this week as part of a covering with what I am pursuing for this nation.

After many coffee's and Spur meals, not one leader so far said "don't do it." I am receiving an overwhelming "YES" from Church, SA mission leaders & Intercession leaders here in SA.

In the mean time I am doing Master's Homework and enjoying this aspect of life too. The (dreaded) Capstone is also in the making... but to be honest: I LOVE IT. We all are called to disciple nations - so why not ENJOY it while doing it...


PRAYER POINTS on this new SA journey.

1. Lord, keep opening the right doors at the right time with the voices. Keep the wrong voices out.

2. Pray for the YWAM couple that want to buy our car in Thailand to raise the finance in time. I wish I did not have to borrow a car all the time. It would be fantastic to see all the finance come in for a good reliable car (seeing that I drive a lot). Pray for protection for me on the roads.

3. I have not mentioned financial needs apart from the Master's two years ago. I do try to avoid talk about sponsorship and trust that Holy Spirit will lead people to give and sponsor on a monthly basis. (Read here "why sponsor")

Making known a need:

Recently, especially this month I had a lot of unforeseen expenses. I had to buy a desktop, and an air ticket to the UK.

Then (I forgot) that the 3 websites I own (my personal one you are on right now, the, and "" all had to be paid this month (for another year subscription).

It completely drained my account. I have not been in this position for a long time! I usually start to save this time to have enough for my yearly insurance 4 months from now.

The real concern is that I have to "prove" finance end of this week for my UK visa application... Needless to say - I need a miracle. I prayed for 2 months before I accepted the fact that I was to say YES to the UK meetings in June. I knew it would be a stretch but then... it is becoming more than a stretch...

In prayer cover my finance

and ask God to raise some additional folks

to support me monthly

while I am here, in SA, for SA.

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