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Answers & Retreats! Join us at THE LODGE!

There is nothing as nice as taking pics in the soft rain.

In this news:

A. Pete and Fergi's passing last week.

B. Finally an answer: Will I stay with YWAM? Will I stay in SA for now?

C. Enjoying Sand-Tray Therapy with those here in K.P.

D. Training university teams to reach out to Buddhist and Musl*ms in P*k*stan

E. TheSingleTable Initiative - more and more ladies are joining our table!

F. Retreat Dates - All 3 retreats on Lodges.

15-16 September: For the LADIES at Lawiide Lodge outside Centurion

5-7 October: only 4 places left for SINGLE ladies.

10-11 November: FOR the MEN in BUSHCAMP.

A. Pete and Fergi's passing.

This month's update once again is not easy.

If change is for sure and growth an option

then forgive me, if for a moment I stagnate - to breath.

I was driving back from SPAR.

When I got home I simply sat in the car... staring.

It is one week since he did not wake up.

Only when I suddenly realized my frozen foods are defrosting

did I slowly get out

and unpack.

I made myself go to a meal with friends to break the sadness.


Oh Pete.

It is ironic you know.

Our last conversation when the Master's Module was over.

It went something like: "hey Pete, lately I really try to say bye to people when I leave to fly out"

He gave his soft gentle staccato giggle.

"ya, me too! I never use to say bye either... but then I realized..."

He gave me his authentic British hug. We laughed.

Bye Pete!

Bye Sarah, take care now"

I am so grateful that I was with really good Ywam company when we heard the news.

But back here in Kempton I realized

I knew Pete since 1997... so it is ok if it hurts... deeply again.

Apart from Pete, dear dear Fergi passed on too. Suddenly. How the two of us prayed up a storm next to Zarias's bed before he passed away. That was (very appropriately) my last time with prayer-warrior Fergi.

I woke up this morning,

went to work on my Master's Capstone... thinking - Please, not another person this year. Just, please.


B. 1. Finally an answer: Will I stay with YWAM? 2. Will I stay in SA for now?

Last week, deep in my heart, after a very unexpected but life giving Ywam meeting, I felt God confirm the question in my heart I had the week before. I wrote and dialogued extensively on this with the Lord.

I assumed nothing.

1. Would I stay with Ywam or not? YES! all the way YES!

I cannot see myself anywhere else than YWAM.

But FIRST... finish the Masters!!!

2. I have also been worried: God, will you ask me to leave SA soon? I cannot assume just because of a visa denial that I am back in SA for good. But this morning... I felt that peace for now. The debate/question in my own heart finally lifted.

It is so strange how Holy Spirit can use the most odd scripture to confirm his words. I always love it when He visits like that.

This morning was quite special. He first said: "I will give you back what you lost" (Joel2:25)