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Let me not forget

I must never forget.


In this email

- The next 6 weeks. March: CILT & Provost Team meetings Cape Town

- Talking global missions: Training students for 21+ hours in February.

- NEVER forget...

- On Radio Pulpit

- This week mark 1 year since I had to leave Thailand

- M.A. - Nearly done!

- Thank you so much for your ongoing support.



- I am so close to being done with the Masters

perhaps 3 more weeks of hard work! Graduation is 1 May in Cape Town. I cannot wait anymore. It has been a long 3 year journey but in April I will write about some amazing things that sprung from my paper.

- I will be in Cape Town for 3 weeks in March.

The CILT (Core Intl Team) and the UofN Provost Team is coming together in my nation and I will be joining them.

(So good not to have to fund raise for an Intl ticket this time round - just fuel for a very loooong journey in my car)

- Prayer Partners:

Please cover these two teams in March in your prayers. Pray for lots of wisdom around the issues that we need to discuss.

Why will I drive? It will be very helpful to have some more cars to drive all the international leaders around for the two weeks so I decided to drive to Cape Town. I will be driving from KP to Colesburg, then to Stilbaai, then to C.T (A good 2000km). I need prayer covering. Thanks!

I will drop my lovely Tea-cup Lilly Jordan for that time at my parents.

I LOVE MY DOGGY! Fairly obsessed with her ball... but tiny and sweet and a good traveler.


talking global missions for 21+ hours!

I am preparing my 3rd of 6 sessions with church interns for this week.

The interns did not know the term 10-40 window (photo above). After our first 30 minutes, I scrapped the entire first 4 hours of lectures, trying to build some foundation about missions for these South African students. They sat wide-eyed, taking in information that they were unfamiliar with.

One man said: "If I knew this, so much of what I decided in Gr12 would have been very different"

The lectures are not only touching and changing the mindset of the students but I am once again confronted with the stats. Let me not forget this myself.

Around 5pm traffic time that day I receive a phone call: "Quick, do you have 5 minutes to go live on air? " Of course I said yes. I ran to plug in my nearly dead phone and had an awesome 5 minutes to fill in for someone else. I have been on radio pulpit with Dwain JvR a few times this year (usually 30min slots) and really enjoy talking missions with our hungry South African audience. I think this was my first time "un-edited-live"

I love it!



Total Population in 10/40: 4.89 billion people

Total People Groups in 10/40: 8,213 people groups

Total UPG’s in 10/40: 5,626 Unreached People Groups totaling

3.05 billion people. 40% of all individuals

60% of unreached people groups live in countries closed to missionaries from N.America - but South Africans... we can go!


Only 2% of missionaries goes to the 3.05 billion people that has never heard.

The Blue?

Where the gospel has been preached and where 80% of missionaries choose to work.


  • Evangelical Christians could provide all of the funds needed to plant a church in each of the 6,900 unreached people groups with only 0.03% of their income.

  • The Church has roughly 3,000 times the financial resources and 9,000 times the manpower needed to finish the Great Commission.

  • If every evangelical gave 10% of their income to missions we could easily support 2 million new missionaries.


  • In 2001 only 1% of giving to "Missions" went to unreached - if that trend holds true today it would be $450 million. The estimated $450 million going toward Unreached People Groups is only .001% of the $42 trillion Income of Christians.

  • For every $100,000 that Christians make, they give $1 to the unreached.

this week marks 1 year since I left Thailand.


as I prepared to teach this week I texted Penny, my old house buddy now in the M.East a whats-app note:

"It is so hard to try and understand why God pulled me out of the 10-40 window."

She types back:

"You need to remember where your students are serving today" (and that the visa was not your fault)

I cry and type back

"Yes... but..."

She replies again:

"Remember your dream has always been to train South Africans to go and your doing it within a year of being back!"

More than ever my heart is pumping with the Prophesy that Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM gave:

"South Africa

will be one of the top 5

mission sending nations

in the world."

We are one of the strongest and most discipled Christian Nations on the planet. I mean, if a poor nation like Mongolia can send 1/222 of their people to be missionaries... then why can't the Church in South Africa not support 1/100 (or 1 per cell group!)

I have this CRAZY idea in my head.

IMAGINE every home cell of 12 people could pull together the tithe of that group and FULLY support a missionary to the 10-40 window. It means 'back to Acts style' home church that engages in a discipleship making movements. This entails much more than simply planting a church somewhere. We want to be like rabbits multiplying home groups where the church is struggling to disciple discipleship makers. We do not want to be a massive reached elephant with a baby every 4-5 years.

WHY are we not doing it? If we don't mention it, why do it?

Let me mention something here then:

If 1 person in each cell group KNEW that there would be a monthly income from their homegroup...

then WE could change THE UN-REACHED WINDOW.

I had an amazing encounter with Jesus in a dream when I was around 7 years old. This picture is quite close to what I saw when He spoke to me. He told me that I would be with Him one day but at the end of the dream he showed me nations that heard the gospel but who did not choose Him in the end.

I remember when I was a teenager, I really believed Jesus was coming back ASAP. In fact... He was kinda late... As my world-view expanded beyond my Christian nation and upbringing I realised that if the Bible is true, Jesus would not be back as soon as our South Africans thought that He would.

Jesus said He will come back when all nations (that is ethne - language groups) heard the Evangelion / Good News εὐαγγέλιον

What was the Good News? "Euangélion = It meant "A new King is born" 2 - 3 Billion today in 2019 have not heard that there is a King called Jesus and that He loves them with an everlasting love!

For me the BOTTOM LINE is this:

Regardless of your vocation / job: either physically, by prayer, by giving, through training, by tithing, somehow bring in the 10-40 window into your job description in 2019.

When all else fails, find 1 of the 2% missionaries that actually GO there, and sponsor them with your tithe because tithe is pre-law, an attitude of worship (Gen28) and Jesus in the N.T said: "Do this without neglecting the former" What was the former in the conversation? Tithing. (Lk 11:42).

1Cor16:2 is brilliant advice by Paul. Let's teach our children this principle for giving: Gather money one day a week and safe it for those we are taking it to.

I better say Amen and move on...


Until those 3 billion heard about Jesus and the rest of us engage in discipleship making movements,


& with a grateful heart for your sponsorship

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