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Let me not forget

I must never forget.


In this email

- The next 6 weeks. March: CILT & Provost Team meetings Cape Town

- Talking global missions: Training students for 21+ hours in February.

- NEVER forget...

- On Radio Pulpit

- This week mark 1 year since I had to leave Thailand

- M.A. - Nearly done!

- Thank you so much for your ongoing support.



- I am so close to being done with the Masters

perhaps 3 more weeks of hard work! Graduation is 1 May in Cape Town. I cannot wait anymore. It has been a long 3 year journey but in April I will write about some amazing things that sprung from my paper.

- I will be in Cape Town for 3 weeks in March.

The CILT (Core Intl Team) and the UofN Provost Team is coming together in my nation and I will be joining them.

(So good not to have to fund raise for an Intl ticket this time round - just fuel for a very loooong journey in my car)

- Prayer Partners:

Please cover these two teams in March in your prayers. Pray for lots of wisdom around the issues that we need to discuss.

Why will I drive? It will be very helpful to have some more cars to drive all the international leaders around for the two weeks so I decided to drive to Cape Town. I will be driving from KP to Colesburg, then to Stilbaai, then to C.T (A good 2000km). I need prayer covering. Thanks!

I will drop my lovely Tea-cup Lilly Jordan for that time at my parents.

I LOVE MY DOGGY! Fairly obsessed with her ball... but tiny and sweet and a good traveler.


talking global missions for 21+ hours!

I am preparing my 3rd of 6 sessions with church interns for this week.

The interns did not know the term 10-40 window (photo above). After our first 30 minutes, I scrapped the entire first 4 hours of lectures, trying to build some foundation about missions for these South African students. They sat wide-eyed, taking in information that they were unfamiliar with.

One man said: "If I knew this, so much of what I decided in Gr12 would have been very different"

The lectures are not only touching and changing the mindset of the students but I am once again confronted with the stats. Let me not forget this myself.

Around 5pm traffic time that day I receive a phone call: "Quick, do you have 5 minutes to go live on air? " Of course I said yes. I ran to plug in my nearly dead phone and had an awesome 5 minutes to fill in for someone else. I have been on radio pulpit with Dwain JvR a few times this year (usually 30min slots) and really enjoy talking missions with our hungry South African audience. I think this was my first time "un-edited-live"

I love it!