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In this update:

1. Two missions projects that emerged from doing my M.A.

- The SandBoxBible & Miracle finance Story behind the story

- In The Gap Intercession Board Game

2. What do I need for these projects?

3. My new season in Ywam (my job this season)

4. Personal Family Photos

5. Update on my health (still recovering)

6. Ending on another sad Sarah doggy story - YASI passed away.

7. MAYCEE MATTEH - a short note on what God spoke to me

Family pics at the very bottom.



Let US make it happen!

The first cat is a project I am launching for the 98% M*uslim un-reached people group here in my own nation, South Africa.

This project will also help our YWAM outreach teams share Jesus in a easy and non-threatening way in the Muslim world.

Once you are done reading my newsletter, go to this project on the website I created for it. It will give you a deeper insight into my practical Masters Project.

One of the treasures I walk away with after completing the MA is helping children and adults walk through trauma in a sandbox. Perhaps you also catch a glimpse of what it could mean for Africa, and other Oral Tradition Story Telling Cultures where Jesus is not well known.

This project is for you and your children, to grow in your experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ as your read Scripture together before bedtime.


Remember, this project is only starting.

Please do not share it too wide - I need your wide prayer-net more.


I need to see massive finance release for this to be completed in the next few months. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of business men and woman to come on board with this.

I am writing and compiling the Bible stories in a book at the moment.

More below.


The second cat out of the box today, training the Body of Christ through a brand new board game on intercession & prayer - it is even child friendly (age 8 and up) and my two Ginnie-pig-families begged me for the only printed version for their kids.

This will also be a helpful fun tool to teach our DTS teams on intercession in a easy fun game-like manner. Churches training their youth can jump onboard too.

I need to get it printed and it includes a real game board - hiking up the price. Again, a rather massive release of finance needed for this.

THANKS to the amazing youth group from a church in town that helped me to develop this - especially the super fun and competitive game side to it.

Another thanks to South Africa's well known Ds. Elza Meyer from that said: "YOU HAVE TO FINISH THIS"

Will you be part of the sponsoring this?

Special account just for this project

Capitec TO: MS SA Breedt #5284 9724 2155 2742 Branch 470010 Debit savings

Mention: Donation ITG


THE story behind the visual project



Last year, while I was still doing my Masters Project, an anonymous donor gave me a large amount of finance. I prayed and asked God why He gave me so much money. I have been with YWAM as full-time volunteer since ’97 and this has never happened to me.

I took this amount very serious before the Lord. He was up to something. I kept it aside for a few months in an account I do not use.

During one of my group sessions with people that volunteered to help me finish my Masters' project, I walked them practically in the sand through the story of the woman at the well.

Suddenly I knew why I had the finance. It was to buy the machine that would enable me to print a VISUAL SAND BIBLE.


Why do I tell you this before I have printed all the wooden Bible figures?

I have to hire two NON-YWAM specialists, the Graphic Designer and the Distributor - and they are super excited with me about this project. Willing to give their time after work, the project will see the light.

I had great input before telling my sponsors and friends about this today. I have decided not to go the route of COPYRIGHT. It is an extra massive amount to raise.

THE DREAM: an unlikely audience!

Our M*slim Friends here in Christian South Africa. Apartheid caused them to reject Christ as a people group. During Apartheid years ago they were asked to stay Muslim because the Christians were scared that if they got to know Jesus, they will not want to be slaves.

Since hearing the history of the Cape Malay, knowing it was my own people who kept Christ and the Bible from them, I feel I need to do what I can do with it.

My wonderful 7+ years of experience with Create International, creating films for unreached people groups and pioneering their Discipleship Training School that did outreaches to Unreached People Groups come in to play in a wonderful way. I am forever grateful for this knowledge I have today.

Of course, I cannot say much more publicly here. The name of the project will change to a culture-m*slim name. I will only be able to share more face to face with you.


1. I have the machine. Funds for buying slabs and slabs of wood and all that goes with it.

2. Payment for the Graphic Designer. (My angel looked like a demon and I knew I had to get help for hundreds of Bible figures :-)

3. Payment for the already committed distributor (We think Africa first)

4. Payment for hosting the website




PLEASE CONSIDER giving your tithe/gifts into these two mission projects unless you are already committed to other mission projects in your church.

I think

I told you

that I lost

an incredible amount

of monthly support

since I came back in South Africa.

This is due to many factors. A Sponsor dying of cancer a few months ago, another long-term sponsor who business is simply struggling, another key sponsor became a pensioner... and some because I am back in South Africa not living in Thailand anymore. Most of my sponsors are over 60 of age. I need young business men and woman with a love or missions to come onboard. Are you that person?

There is no way I can continue with either project without new committed monthly sponsors. Even just simply staying with YWAM is such a challenge. I fasted and prayed end of last year as I started to finish my M.A but God cleary said: STAY WITH YWAM.


I am part of a team that will be helping the Provost Office of the University of the Nations as we shift in the next 3 years. We cover over 600 YWAM Training Bases with thousands of missionaries coming and going each year.

We have a lot of internal changes to help the university run next level. What a privilege that I can help them. I have two months before the REAL DOWNLOAD of work will hit my computer, regardless where i live.

My team is currently in SA, INDIA, UK etc. Much of this work is online for the UofN. Therefore I am going to give my everything to see the "FIRST TWO CATS RUN"


Family Pictures below:

The 6th pic is my entire family together. This does not happen a lot! It is a precious photo. Can you believe that my late brother Zarias is nearly 2 years gone. We always miss him, especially at these events.

Celebrating my M.A. with a lovely braai & family in Stilbaai. The sunset was pink and windless! All 3 my sis-in-laws came. That was so nice.

My family drove all the way (350km) to my graduation in Noordhoek. Thanks also to Fritz Schoon, and Richard Verreynne that came all the way with spouses.

Bottom Left: Cousin Sakkie, Jomarie, Ameri and I celebrated two days after I got the news that I passed.

My two boys growing up! Janco and Alexander.

The last picture was me sharing my Capstone with my class.


My health -keep praying health over me.

I am coming out of a season of being really ill but I had to plow to finish the M.A. Today I finished some very strong cortisone meds because I could not kick it. The silly cough lingers too.

I also found out I am very anemic and have a leaky cut that is not helping me recover from the ongoing battle with vasculitus. This means lactose intolerant and gluten free is sadly becoming part of my vocab. Especially the gluten.

Good news is I have no cancer markers, and I will most likely never struggle with any sort of diabetes. (Mystery solved: now I know why I can do 10 times more sugar than others without feeling any effect :-) I can also eat as much meat as I want, but no lettuce, tomato, peppers, capsicum... or any burger/pizza ingredients except meat! Crazy.


ENDING ON A SAD yet very Positive Future Promise from God:

Super sad news is that my baby YASI DE BEER yorkie doggy I introduced to you last month died on 2 May, 3 days after I left for Cape Town. Her heart simply stopped beating.

The family who looked after Lilly Jordan and YASI was kind enough not to tell me until I was done with debrief. This meant I was able to really lean into God when I had to. He spoke so much to me about my future.

I thought, I really really need another doggy for Lilly. YASI was so great keeping her busy while I worked. I thought of names and one name kept coming to me with a strange spelling:


but I will share non the less

The name that came to me was: MAYCEE. I felt the Lord say "MAY you CEE see the goodness of God" When I googled MAYCEE I thought nothing would show but to my utter surprise this showed:


"The Future is coming sooner rather than later!"

I could not believe my eyes. It was as if everything I heard from the Lord about my future during our most excellent debrief was captured in this name. I also knew God was sad with me that YASI died.

Throught this new doggy, I felt Him encourage me to keep sitting still in regards to what I am trusting God about.

It is REALLY DIFFICULT to sit still by now but He gave me a promise. The scripture he gave me was super significant because of the way it has been phrased, as if Jesus was like... why do you doubt that I can do it this time without your interference.

John 14:2

"In My Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? "

I decided (as always) on a special last name. Because the Lord has been speaking to me about "The Rulers Rod" I will call her MAYCEE MATTEH SOMALIA.

Matteh is the Hebrew word for rod מַטֶּה‎ in the King James Bible was used to produce water from a rock, was transformed into a snake and back, and was used at the parting of the Red Sea.

She is a brown lovely Yorkie the small pocket size of Lilly Jordan.



Next month I will show you MAYCEE MATTEH SOMALIA

Till then,

May the Lord bless you richly as He does me.

Sarah Anna-Lise

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