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In this update:

1. Two missions projects that emerged from doing my M.A.

- The SandBoxBible & Miracle finance Story behind the story

- In The Gap Intercession Board Game

2. What do I need for these projects?

3. My new season in Ywam (my job this season)

4. Personal Family Photos

5. Update on my health (still recovering)

6. Ending on another sad Sarah doggy story - YASI passed away.

7. MAYCEE MATTEH - a short note on what God spoke to me

Family pics at the very bottom.



Let US make it happen!

The first cat is a project I am launching for the 98% M*uslim un-reached people group here in my own nation, South Africa.

This project will also help our YWAM outreach teams share Jesus in a easy and non-threatening way in the Muslim world.

Once you are done reading my newsletter, go to this project on the website I created for it. It will give you a deeper insight into my practical Masters Project.

One of the treasures I walk away with after completing the MA is helping children and adults walk through trauma in a sandbox. Perhaps you also catch a glimpse of what it could mean for Africa, and other Oral Tradition Story Telling Cultures where Jesus is not well known.

This project is for you and your children, to grow in your experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ as your read Scripture together before bedtime.


Remember, this project is only starting.

Please do not share it too wide - I need your wide prayer-net more.


I need to see massive finance release for this to be completed in the next few months. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of business men and woman to come on board with this.

I am writing and compiling the Bible stories in a book at the moment.

More below.


The second cat out of the box today, training the Body of Christ through a brand new board game on intercession & prayer - it is even child friendly (age 8 and up) and my two Ginnie-pig-families begged me for the only printed version for their kids.

This will also be a helpful fun tool to teach our DTS teams on intercession in a easy fun game-like manner. Churches training their youth can jump onboard too.

I need to get it printed and it includes a real game board - hiking up the price. Again, a rather massive release of finance needed for this.

THANKS to the amazing youth group from a church in town that helped me to develop this - especially the super fun and competitive game side to it.

Another thanks to South Africa's well known Ds. Elza Meyer from that said: "YOU HAVE TO FINISH THIS"

Will you be part of the sponsoring this?

Special account just for this project