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From spirit guides to constant crashing computers! and finally were I will live for this season...

Did I come to your mind in prayer?

This might be why!

So - if you did pray for me


And also thanks to all my financial supporters!

Just in this first week:

I had nightmares with reptilian spirit guides appearing to me in my dreams - just as written in the book of Job 4:15 "A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end"

I woke up with all my hair at edge. I've been strangled by demons before. They've thrown my wooden cross from my wall when I said: "I put the cross between you and me"

I actually found a picture that looked just like it. Pitch Black eyes and green reptile head. This picture is 99% like it. Just black eyes needed.

First a good friend of mine spoke to me in my dream and said: "We are still friends, right?" As I was about to say YES, suddenly this thing stood before me with its pitch black eyes.


The lazer machine with which I am cutting the Bible Project Images did not want to cut through the wood! Some of the settings just changed by itself. I am now waiting for my Chinese Contact to come and rescue the situation because I am FINALLY cutting the 12 disciples and it is so exciting!

Then, the same week...

The computer program kept crashing - What ought to take a few minutes can take an hour. Time is getting stolen.


My printer broke...


The program that speaks to the lazer machine all of a sudden spoke gibberish!

LIKE WHAT??? I managed to reinstall it but it was so weird!

Then ...

they discovered a golf-ball size stone in my gallbladder! I must go for an operation but I am trying to see through medicine if this is avoidable.

It happened the day after my 3 week Daniel fast! It should not be!

As you can see

Lots of thing wrong the last 10 days... since I started pursuing this project with intensity!

Please cover me and my free-lance designer in prayer!

Update on the Prayer Game I created:

I had someone in my house from Every Nation and when they understood what the Game actually implied they said: "If I had money I would give it to you right now cause all our teams could use this - This is brilliant for training!"

I just nodded.

In the end I raised R15 000. I still need to see the remaining R85,000 come in.

WHERE will I live? Final answer is...

Right here in Kempton Park.

This has been a merry-go-round but after a lot of prayer and consideration,including friends and leaders in this decision I can say...

"When your peace leave,

leave with your peace"

As I mentioned, I was very recently on a 3 weeks Daniel fast and during this time I felt to daily meditate on Ps 84. It was only ne