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From spirit guides to constant crashing computers! and finally were I will live for this season...

Did I come to your mind in prayer?

This might be why!

So - if you did pray for me


And also thanks to all my financial supporters!

Just in this first week:

I had nightmares with reptilian spirit guides appearing to me in my dreams - just as written in the book of Job 4:15 "A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end"

I woke up with all my hair at edge. I've been strangled by demons before. They've thrown my wooden cross from my wall when I said: "I put the cross between you and me"

I actually found a picture that looked just like it. Pitch Black eyes and green reptile head. This picture is 99% like it. Just black eyes needed.

First a good friend of mine spoke to me in my dream and said: "We are still friends, right?" As I was about to say YES, suddenly this thing stood before me with its pitch black eyes.


The lazer machine with which I am cutting the Bible Project Images did not want to cut through the wood! Some of the settings just changed by itself. I am now waiting for my Chinese Contact to come and rescue the situation because I am FINALLY cutting the 12 disciples and it is so exciting!

Then, the same week...

The computer program kept crashing - What ought to take a few minutes can take an hour. Time is getting stolen.


My printer broke...


The program that speaks to the lazer machine all of a sudden spoke gibberish!

LIKE WHAT??? I managed to reinstall it but it was so weird!

Then ...

they discovered a golf-ball size stone in my gallbladder! I must go for an operation but I am trying to see through medicine if this is avoidable.

It happened the day after my 3 week Daniel fast! It should not be!

As you can see

Lots of thing wrong the last 10 days... since I started pursuing this project with intensity!

Please cover me and my free-lance designer in prayer!

Update on the Prayer Game I created:

I had someone in my house from Every Nation and when they understood what the Game actually implied they said: "If I had money I would give it to you right now cause all our teams could use this - This is brilliant for training!"

I just nodded.

In the end I raised R15 000. I still need to see the remaining R85,000 come in.

WHERE will I live? Final answer is...

Right here in Kempton Park.

This has been a merry-go-round but after a lot of prayer and consideration,including friends and leaders in this decision I can say...

"When your peace leave,

leave with your peace"

As I mentioned, I was very recently on a 3 weeks Daniel fast and during this time I felt to daily meditate on Ps 84. It was only near the end, while still asking God where I should live that this Psalm suddenly became the answer. 84:3 "Even the sparrow has found a home and the swallow a nest for herself where she may have her young"

Holy Spirit said, "I have given you a safe nest to birth all these new projects" This settled the entire ordeal after 16 months!

My peace has always been, since back in Chiang Mai to actually stay in Kempton Park. All my Ywam friends said to go to Cape Town but the door stayed close and my peace never came to push that door open. If I push and God did not say to push I will only hurt myself and others.

I have thus decided to stay in Kempton Park for this next season of my life. That is until God says to move. Now I have peace. So, hop in for coffee!

Setting up home

I am buying the couches of my late brother and his wife that I have been using up till now. I finally have an amazing coffee table and lovely drawers! I also need to buy a fridge freezer. This I will bridge in September.

​I found and bought the most beautiful Sand-Tray to help children and adults through Theophostic-Sand-Play therapy.

I've seen a few children by now and it is quite amazing to watch how Holy Spirit speak to them! More about this here.


you will be able to buy set 1 of 5 of the SAND BOX BIBLE

Keep an eye out here at

Thank you for your prayers and sponsorship.

Please cover me and Christ that is helping me as a free-lance graphic designer as we design and cut the Bible Figures.


Sarah Anna-Lise

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