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July update

Today is Saturday - I've been gluing, sanding, painting, varnishing... and having fun since super early working with the SandBoxBible !

But first...

When a worried mother phones you at night....

One night this week I received a phone call . "My child sees a very tall demon with red eyes and it visits him at night" I got out of bed, dressed and went to visit this family where a very scared teenager and worried mom waited for me.

We had an incredible time! As we "cleaned the room" the boy and I saw how this tall demon backed away until he left the room! Repentance, forgiveness, and throwing away "bad gaming" games (that opened the door) did it.

At a point I looked at his face and asked: "What are you hearing?" He replied that the demon kept saying, "DON'T LISTEN TO HER"

I just trusted Holy Spirit in this boy to show what to keep and what to throw away. This meant he took full ownership (especially the Gaming DVD's) and that was great! I saw this boy two days later and he said he slept very well after that!


Bitter Sweet French

In 2012 I created a series of books to help our pioneering leaders, school leaders and staff with what they did. One of these books were for the DTS schools. After 7 years, the Discipleship Training Book for the 12 week DTS Lecture Phase became a reality for the French speaking world... only to find out by our University's previous Provost that the translation needs to be upgraded by another team. It is done. It is not done. But finally it is in the "right UofN hands" This will be the 4th person/team working on the French version.

Did You Know? Part of your sponsorship / tithe goes toward this website :-) Thanks Sponsors.

You also sponsor the program (InDesign) I use (and am currently using for the Bible project) One is forced to rent it monthly. You cannot buy the program.




at my house.

I finally started the SandBox Bible Study! It takes a lot of preparation but it is worth it. God met each one of us last Wednesday in such unique ways. It was such a joy and really fueled me to continue!!

If you are in the Kempton Park region and would like to join us every second Wednesday night 5:45 for 6:00-7:45pm - you are welcome.

We include elements that would have been present in the house-churches of old. Deeper Focused Fellowship around a light bring-and-share Meal, Holy Communion at 6:30 and then reading longer portions of Scripture - visually portrayed in the sand. We end with practical application questions (Lectio Divina) that leads us from Logos (The Written Word) into Rhema (Words specifically for us) because, "One shall not live on bread alone but on every Word" (Translated from Rhema not Logos).

One of the Business ladies that joined, found it so helpful that I was invited to do this with her colleagues and workers early Monday Mornings before they start their work week. I never would have dreamed this would reach a Business Audience. I am thrilled.

THANKS to every monthly sponsor that makes it possible to work on this Bible Project - I hope that many families will soon be able to walk through the Bible in this wonderful visual way with their children.

We are basically DONE WITH SET 1- the early life of Jesus!!!


My words were not cold as I said to a friend, "I am so relieved not to fly so much right now"


Out of a random magazine!

​​I was standin