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"drop a tear and see..."

"Drop a tear

and see how

many people come

to wipe away that tear.

That is how rich you are"

(Guru Gopal Das)

I have been surrounded with so much love by so many of you when you heard about my back. Thank you to all of you who wrote, and who went beyond the norm to assist. I definitely did not feel alone in this saga. THANK YOU!


A great shout-out for the professional Ywam French Translator (and Tom Bloomer!) who is picking up the final French translation for the 12 Week day to day Discipleship Training Book I've compiled for DTS Schools.


SandBoxBible-Study Update

We were 6 this week for the SandBoxBible-study at my house. This picture was taken during our final application time. First we had food, testimonies, study and then PRAYER time. Most of us had a time to sit on a chair while the others came around to pray for that person's prayer needs. God met us so beautifully.


ALINA, sent from above!

One day, after a quick trip to Pick & Pay down the road, I saw this elderly lady walking next to the road. I have given many a lift in the past year, but this day was different. When I dropped her she was the only one that has ever asked me, "Do you have work for me on a Thursday?" I first said no for many reasons. I did wish I could say yes because of my back.

She got out of the car and closed the door. Immediately I heard that Familiar Voice

"Sarah, I sent someone

to help you

because of your back.

You can trust her"

I reversed, called her back, and asked her, her number. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I have someone is helping me with floors and things that I cannot do with my back. That day I REALLY felt how God was looking after me because I had no idea where to find someone to help me.

2ND PHOTO - top right

I just thought I share that this was the 5th nail that I had to remove from my tires. I keep getting slow punctures... and every-time they pull out a nail of some sort!

3RD PHOTO - bottom left

I really enjoy the "sandbox-bible-study" this week. We also share communion with each other that gives our time a rich experience.

4TH PHOTO - bottom right

This is the graphic designer helping me with my project. It has been going slow but last week he said to me:

"Since I have been working on this project,

I have never experienced

spiritual warfare like this.

This is another level !"

I just smiled... I know... A few unexplained things happened to me too since this project started.


some WONDERFUL news in the making

I cannot not give names and too much info at this moment but I have an open door to bring The SandBoxBible to the Khmer people in Cambodia - and the figures will be in a cultural relevant way.

It will consist of 12 stories from the Old to the New Testament with a focus of introducing Jesus and some discipleship issues.

I most likely will have to tweak the size of the figures and the sandbox in order for outreach teams to fly with it. We will cross that bridge some day.

My wonderful and very talented brother F.C. came up with the most gorgeous sandbox and make it for me. I have much hope even for a light "international fly-able box" for outreach teams one day.

Remember, most of these Khmer Recipients do not have the Bible! Please cover as we explore this incredible possibility.

BELOW: My Cambodia pics from when I did outreach there - altogether 6 months.


These are the sad statistics of Cambodia.

Cambodia has the fastest growing YWAM Campus in the world.

God is moving in tremendous ways there.

Do you also feel tears welling up when you see the PROGRESS in RED?



go to the children and home churches




I have contacts that would like to go on outreach with the sandboxbible into Africa.

On completion of the box I am currently working on, we will do it!



1. My back to recover.

I swim 5 out of the 7 days and it is making a difference.

I find it super tiring to write the SandBoxBible at the moment. My special "sit-stand-desk" will arrive in 3 weeks from now. I cannot wait for it!!

2. For the Khmer project to actual happen! This will be a personal dream come true for me.

3. Please cover the graphic designer that is helping me. We are on the last 50 figures!!


to the amazing sponsors behind the scenes.

This is YOUR fruit going to the nations.


Bonus Photos of the last 2 weeks.

I've been invited to fellowship with a group of incredible mature believers at a house in Pretoria. We worship, share testimonies on the stoop, then share a scripture, pray for anyone who needs prayer... and then EAT around a super long table. I feel like I visit the church in Acts when I am there. Everyone is seen, heard and appreciated. We meet at 10am and only leave at 3pm.

My selfie-soft-silky-doggies! Maycee really believes she is a lion... and still grabs Lilly's tail every time Lilly wants to bring the ball to me. Then they run and run like a train all over the grass.

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