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"Naturally Disciplined this 2020" & Join My yearly Bible Reading Program

Find Reading Program at the end.

I've been doing it since 2018 and it is doable, not too long and nice. ENJOY! '

Cause 2020 is by the way, "Year of the Bible"


The end is this,

when is not going well,

when we are emotionally down,

when it feels as if prayers are hitting the roof...

the first thing that goes out the window is that


prayer life goes sour for days,

reading scripture pushed aside.

the tongue has little boundaries

we do whatever with our time and eyes

we even question God, right?

somehow it is always His fault...

not nature, sin, the devil, or free will.

2Peter1:4 then suddenly rings true...

the process of things going naturally backwards, seems inevitable.

It is 2020.

Many of us will be making a list of "new year resolutions" or perhaps a list of desired spiritual "disciplines"

Today, the word DISCIPLINES popped out the pages when I was reading the letter of 2 Peter. (The English translation lack the word discipline and I think it is a pity)

The contrast between two verses (two kinds of people really) stood out and made me ponder the "discipline" Peter spoke of.

The Afrikaans in blue translation reads like this:

2 Peter 1:6

"As n mens God leer ken,

(when a person gets to know God)

kan jy jouself dissiplineer

(you can discipline yourself)

(I guess "practices" is a better word here)

wat meebring dat

(the consequence is)

n mens kan uithou en aanhou

(a person can maintain discipline)

en hierdie volharding

(this maintaining of discipline/practices)

loop uit op n lewe naby God"

(results in a life lived close to God)

THE un-disciplined PERSON IN CONTRAST 2Peter2:14

We have no excuse for an undisciplined life.

We can maintain discipline

We can live close to God - all of the time.

We do not practice spiritual disciplines to love God... that is backward thinking.

Seeing that the root of discipline according to the letter of Peter is really a love for God, I invite you to join me in one of my disciplines... out of love for God and love for scriptures.

Print it out and stick it in your Bible.

OT two times a year.

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