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Good News & needing to walk on water

Good News first



AMAZING WHERE THIS VISUAL BIBLE IS ENDING UP... I could not have imagined this.

Today I finished the official University of the Nations French Translation for the Disicpleship Training School.

Oh the joy! Here is a snapshot of the book!

It goes online for free for all our French speaking nations.

The sandboxbible made it to a Muslim nation and church planters there are so excited that they are planning on translating the booklet that goes with it into Arabic.

Unless you practically experience this it is hard to describe... it is not merely telling Bible stories - and that is what folks are slowly discovering as more and more stories are starting to find their way into suitcases. (up till this point I have sponsored these stories and it has gone out to 5 nations)

A box is currently on the way to Buddhist Bangkok to a children ministry there and we are still finding a willing carrier for the Hong Kong set!



to Cape Town Capri

I finished the staff student photo booklet so that we can introduce and get to know the 62+ involved in the following 3 years.


Tomorrow morning Mom and I will take on the 2 day journey to Stilbaai and then I will continue the next 400km to Cape Town to staff the Masters for 2 weeks.

Last time my fuel for this 2 week trip was R5,540. (Why not fly? Because I visit my family during these times and I drop my 2 doggies at grandma to look after!)

I avoided my yearly car service last year and waited until leaving for Cape Town. Due to finance I nearly did not go for the yearly service but...

I finally took my car today.

Then the phone rang... Miss...

did you know your brakes are metal on metal?

and did you know...

and did you know...

and if you are driving 4000km the next 2 months... you might be in trouble.

The originally quote went from

R2500 to

R5000 to a sudden...

oops R11,500

Give me a minute, I will call you back!

I went into my account... cause after talking with mom we realized that I HAVE to do the brakes.

Here is a screen capture of my sponsor account: You get the picture?

My sponsors have been amazing and faithful. This does not happen often, right :-)

I cannot apply for a UK visa right now (Our Masters have class in Harpenden May) (One must apply 3 months in advance) Either a massive miracle is in the making or I am staying home round 2 saving up for October's travels.


- Please pray that mom, Lilly, Maycee and I will arrive safe in Stilbaai!

- Cover our time in Cape Town with the new Masters' students

- Please cover my sponsorship in prayer!

Did you see on my FB page about sponsoring a Buddhist child for a Christian camp? Please check it out and make a huge difference. Did you know, is super easy for Int'l giving!

I gave the other day and it was super easy.

Thanks with appreciation,

Sarah Anna-Lise

To: Susan. A. BREEDT


SAVINGS: 907 558 0094


Fynbos Straat

Stilbaai 6674

South Africa

+27 28 754 1221


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