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I landed on the doorstep of heaven... heard of Wilbur Smith? Of course you have.

No, I did not make it back to Kempton Park. This is the story.

Penny sent me a clip of the 'war' sirens going off at 7am in Jordan. It was horrible to listen to, to say the least. It was the same day I moved to the front gates of paradise. I sent her a photo and cried while I told her where I would be staying for a few months - life is not fair and it felt wrong to be on this doorstep while so many are stuck in small spaces using "oil to jog in the kitchen." (you've seen those clips by now)

How did I end here in order to take this picture where the 'Boesman' is walking down the river? (We call the mist over the river the Bushman walking)

I was packing my car to move from my brother's house to my parents place because Baby Joshua was coming in a week, TH 26 March). After that, 3 April, I was going to drive back to GP (Gauteng Provence).

While I was packing my car, the friend who works with my sis-in-law sent a message to her. She told my sis that I could go and stay in the empty small little house next to them on the farm that was previously owned by one of the most famous writers of our generation. It use to be the "outside room" where Wilbur Smith wrote his first books.

Picture: Wilbur Smith later build this small cottage below the house I am in. See the river to the right. This is the river that flows into Stilbaai's ocean. Of course I said... I will stay there thank you.

That evening as I drove through the gates, the sun was gorgeously setting... and then I saw The Horse that is 50m away from my own front door that looks out onto the farm... R54 Million... was offered by someone to buy the horse and the offer was denied. It is a bit like 'The God-Father' here... hundreds of horses all over millions and millions per horse. The farm has guards at night because people have tried to steal that horse!

Spot Picasso's name...

They asked him to draw a horse one time without lifting his hand...

He did it.

The Farm obtained the rights to it. It is beautiful, right?

I went for a walk and suddenly I stumbled upon this: The neighbor's animal farm.

Massive pigs with babies - all different ages. Huge tortuous, geese, chickens etc.

Then I found Teddy Bear driving his rusty tractor , and my dogs barking at horses as we go.

Janco will be with me from today for 4 days while daddy F.C. stays with our Aunt Emma in George (also on a lovely horse farm in the mountain with bunnies and animals) while Corine is having baby Joshua today on "SA lock down day" I will not be seeing Alexander (right) for a while ;-(

I basically moved into an empty little cottage. Adrie sent a box via a friend with my bedding and some winter clothing. That is a 420km story all by itself. Let me put it this way: I now know I can change a tire!

Yesterday I was on the phone with someone and said that I have everything I need except a microwave oven but because of all the unforeseen expenses I could not put money into that right now. The gas stove with my parents red pan had to do for now and I was completely fine with it. There is a difference between need and want and obligation. This was a WANT... not a need.

Out of the blue, a few hours later she and her husband concurred about buying me a microwave and paypal'ed me a gift to do so! WOW - you could not see me smile cause I had a mask on... but believe me... I smiled.

It is raining softly as I type.

I have a computer to work on projects and to write on - GRATEFUL

8:30am this morning (in 10 minutes) I will be shown the farm while we feed all the horses! So let me get my boots, my rain-gear... and try not to feel to bad about living on the doorstep of paradise for this moment in my life.

With love,

Sarah Anna-Lise

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