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2024 & EMDC is coming up again


It is still a JOY to live in our Blue Flag Status beach town! I was on my bicycle, riding to the harbor and back when I could capture this moment of the flag going up. Clean air. Clean beach. Clear skies... and with God giving a clear objective - what can beat this? :-)


  • NEW MASSIVE missions adventures that are unfolding - I will soon break the news. My days are filled and overflowing and it is such a privilege to see how God just simply keep on working if one is open to it.

  • Training and discipleship of teams and individuals

  • The special needs group and school we visit in Melkhoutfontein

  • Distributing Sandboxbibles as we go

  • Thursday Bible study & Badminton some evenings (gotta stay fit!)

  • Simply connecting with locals on so many levels.

Thanks again for your support.

May His word reach way and far beyond what we could have dreamed or imagined.


We were supposed to fly to Nepal end February but connected with a team from Stellenbosh Cape Town that will take a large amount of SandBoxBibles over for us. There are two reasons for this.

When we left Nepal last time, the customs officer started asking me questions like:

  • Why do you fly so often to this nation?

  • What are you doing here?

I think we stirred some things in the spirit in the mountains. 

Remember, November we took our underground Bibles to a region with basically no churches and where missionaries never go. When we walked through this one remote village the police took our translator and peppered him with questions about us and even asked if we had proper paper work to walk there! Our connection there has been to jail for sharing Jesus with someone.

The massive mountain hill to our one side, our translator pointed out to us, were just "serviced" with Hindu priests sacrificing hundreds of cows to the god of that valley. We surely stirred things there, even as we just walked in the very small village.


In light of this, the Cape Town Stellenbosch team will relieve us temporarily from not flying "too frequent" and also the massive financial pressures seeing that we have to book tickets for May Thailand.

I will be training this church team before they fly out.


The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation

Last year was truly amazing to connect with over 200+ Bible distributing agencies with a focus on missions and the MASSIVE task to reach the least, the last, the lost with the Living word of God.


The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC) began in 2010 as a multi-agency consultation that would meet annually. It is intended to be a venue where minority language workers, Bible translators, literacy workers, language development workers, and “others” in the greater Eurasia region, can meet.

EMDC is about

Follow-up and Scripture Engagement ● Orality & Storytelling ● Scriptures by Mobile Phone ● Scripture Apps ● Scripture Games ● Using Social Media/Networks ● Video & Audio Production ● Creating Video Animation ● Discovery Scripture Studies ● Scriptures and Trauma Healing or Substance Abuse ● Ethno and local arts ● Culturally Correct Forms of Distribution ● Distance Biblical Ed in your language ● Digital Publishing ● DMM ● Minority Language Translation, Distribution, & Literacy.


I am waiting for my new passport to book the Thailand tickets. The cheapest is R16500 to Chiang Mai excluding living cost to be there during the conference.

Please keep praying a covering over our work. Thank you.



We felt supported by our Stilbaai friends! Rianni finally opened her unique clothing shop. It is a way of fundraising her mission trips overseas with SandBoxBible.

Sarah Anna-Lise

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