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A death to soon... lots of snow, and my mini sermon!

This is a rather difficult one to write.


These two photos were taken during our last minutes as we said goodbye in my house before Oom Louis, Tannie Phoebe and Charmaine left for Gauteng. We had a magnificent December.

Little did I know that this would be my last holiday, and my last time with Tannie Phoebe, a woman that not only loved me but highly respected me on so many levels. Few in this life made me feel so deeply loved and understood as she did.

Then a few weeks ago Oom Louis en Tannie Phoebe got sick... and Tannie Phoebe sadly did not recover. This week she went home to Jesus.

I had a dream of her... did she come to say goodbye?

Roughly 24 hours before she passed away, I had a dream of her. I dreamed we met in a church with long pews. We sat next to each other, hugged and cried together. I said: "Oh it is so good to see you! I am so glad you are OK now!" Then I woke up. I had no idea if it meant she was going to live or actually pass away.

Did she come to say goodbye? I will never know, but it surely felt like it. It feels like I have closure because of the dream. Not too long from now we will see each other again - and what a wonderful day it is going to be.

I leave my poem I shared last month here for her... cause now she too knows!

"Think about

stepping onto shore

finding it heaven

touching a hand

finding it God's

breathing new air

finding it celestial

waking up in glory

finding it HOME"

Tannie is HOME now - get the pavlova ready... cause I will be there too soon!


Climbing a mountain... at a price

It was on my bucket list for years now. The last time I saw snow in my own nation was in 1980 when I was only 4 years old. It is edged into my mind: mom warned me not to play outside. I tried to sneak out the door and slipped and fell onto my bum. My pants got wet and I will never forget standing in the kitchen with my back next to the cupboard so that my mom could not see that I was disobedient.

I've since been in snow in India, Montana, Turkey and Scotland - but not in SA! When my friend sent me a whats-app out of the blue last Friday, I responded: I AM IN!

It has been days since the extremely steep up-and-down climb and my dislocated L3 simply said: "you will not do this again!" It is not like I ran up and down. We went super slow. It was extraordinarily steep. I think the




down pushed the L3 to its limit.

We were planning on doing The Otter... The Otter won't see me soon!


Verse by Verse Chronological New Testament Stories

Before you read further: if you click subscribe on youtube then more people will see the stories. You will also get to enjoy the next part of the continuous story roughly every two weeks when I am done. There will be 140 stories from Matthew to the book of Acts!

It is going really well with the English verse by verse filming of the Chronological Bible stories. I love painting and filming!

In each story so far, there was a moment where I could just sense God with me. I would place a wooden figure in the sand and think...

man, this was and is REAL.

This is God,

His word,

His story...

and it is beautiful.

:-( I deleted the Afrikaans videos seeing that by the time I got to story 3, I personally could not handle the terrible audio recording of my own language. Even my friend Penny laughed her head off when I told her to listen to give input. THAT WAS IT!!! A much better version of Afrikaans is needed... As the saying goes: Your vision your mission... so... here it goes. If you are interested in the fundraiser for the recording studio - click here.

(Oh, and imaging recording it in Afr Cape Malay! They are an unreached people group in South Africa with less than 2% Christian! - this is on my "Christian Bucket List!")

My mini sermon (off the mountain LOL)

- Kids do not go to Sunday school anymore.

- How many parents read the Bible to their kids every night?

- How many of us adhere to Joshua 1:5?

- Church doors are rapidly closing

I really like THE CHOSEN - and SUPERBOOK... it help us so much...

but when it comes to

actually reading (or listening)

the actual Bible verse by verse...

ending up reading the WHOLE actual chapter

and not only 5 verses at at time

we actually fall far short.

I think this young generation is in trouble!

THANKS for your monthly prayers and support!

Please pray for my back!

Ask God if you should give towards the recording of the Afrikaans version.

Ask God if you ought to become a monthly sponsor with part of your tithe.

& Stay safe!

Make sure you are right with Jesus,

and ready for when He calls you HOME!


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