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Check out my bread, The Makhua video and a thank you.


As a Christian Westerner, you might click on this picture, watch the YouTube video and be like YES! I understand the story. I understand the figures.

This was the initial reaction with the liaison team too! They cannot wait for a wooden box to be created, shipped and then used by the tribe we are trying to reach... Not so fast!

As you know from last month's newsletter, I was about to finish the video and then send it off for field testing. It was tedious work because I had to read the Makua language and English together to understand where I was in the story. Every time I heard ABRAHAMA, I knew where I was!

Last week it all came together.

The Liaison that took the video to the tribe came back with quite the unexpected feedback. For a moment it felt like I was back in Thailand where the one word "ma" meant six different things depending which tone was used. I was bad at tones. When I used the word "ma" I assumed a good understanding would simply read between the lines and understand it in the context of the conversation.

Not so with this video!

When there is no context, there is little understanding. Context here means, one grew up with symbols and Bible stories. Many of us had this as default on Sunday during Sunday school.

Visual symbols are something you and I grew up with. We know how to interpret it. For a person growing up in the bush-bush, this might not be the case.

The next obvious (painful) step is for the field testing team to sit with the people and line by line stop and ask - what do you see, and what does it mean to you? This is the good old Create International school to pass if one creates resources for the un-reached.

Then, I heard yesterday that the key Liaison has tested positive for Covid and sick in bed. Please pray for her because she is KEY in the communication!

A small memory of a field test long ago:

I will not forget when my friend worked on the God's Way project for Muslims. They painted away and when the feedback (field testing) came, the response was; "Why is there a house on the sand?" All of us in the office knew Nathan drew a boat... Noah's massive ark on water and not sand. Not so with the people we made it for. It was back to the drawing board.

You can click on this picture and watch some of the videos.

It still is one of my favourite projects that took place in the Create Office while I was living in Perth Australia.

Please keep praying over this Makhua project.


SPOT THE DOG... that grew way too big!

always on my head,

always on my pillow.

Picture below:

1. When I work for too many hours in a row - DOG ATTACK. It is as if they decided to attack me so that I would stop.

2. My brother FC built steps so that I can get to the garden from my back porch. I am happy. The dogs are so happy!

3. Making the best Indian Butter Naan Bread ever! Soft moist and delicious.


- life is simply getting too expensive! -

When I saw that sourdough was R48 in our SPAR last week (who knows what we will pay by the end of the year) I decided... why not bake it myself?

I learned how to create my own yeast starter too! I feed it every morning and it is so much fun to see it 'grow'

Sourdough culture is the key to good bread that does not hurt the stomach while digesting. I love a nice Ciabatta. It is my favorite but with bread prices skyrocketing, I decided that's it. I've had to cut down on meat but I do not have to cut out Ciabatta.

Another aspect that I have changed, both to safe and to cut out meat is by making my very own Hummus from scratch! It is a great protein replacement and by making it myself, including the Tahini, is both fun, fresh and money-wise, a wise thing to do!

Then I saw that amazing HALVA is made from Tahini - and since I now know how to make it, and that I do not buy chocolate anymore (I've been a good girl!) I thought... let me try it.




Dear Sponsors,

My back and my health has been at it's best in two decades. I am even back on my bicycle! Whether it is being back in South Africa with less international cultural stress, the fabulous Stilbaai weather and fresh air, surrounded by family while still producing resources for the Body of Christ and un-reached peoples, I don't know. Something is working.

It is especially in this time of rising prices that I want to thank you for your sponsorship. I trust the Lord takes care of your needs too as He is mine. I am trying my best to live as frugal as possible while keeping it up with the projects.



I don't know who you are, but you gave in secret the other day. What you did not know when you gave that amount (I trust you know who you are and that you are hopefully reading this) is that both my websites payment was due and I had ZERO idea how I was going to pay for it. The week it was due, was the week your payment came in. THANK YOU!


SA Breedt

ABSA 907 558 0094

Savings Account

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