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Feedback from 3 continents! & LIFE is beautiful

Updated: Sep 6, 2022


this month as a YWAMer

Email to me from RomaniaThank you so much! Your books are truly a breath of fresh air for me as I am quite new in leading schools. Thank you for your hard work!” YWAM Medias Romania

WhatsApp about me that was forwarded to me: “wow! The "hearing God's voice" teaching is amazing! I just printed all 77 pages, so I can read it in the garden later. She (that is me) also quotes Graham Cooke, who is one of my favorite speakers. It is a good idea to have a written booklet for the students to come back to.”French-speaking African leader

I am using your Hearing God’s voice book & the Discipleship Training DTS lecture phase book!” YWAM Pucallpa, Peru

You are doing an amazing job! Blessing nations over nations and we are amazed at how God is using your talent and willingness to spread the good news around the world, literally!” Middle East

I also had a request from a Bible study group in America, asking if they could use the Inductive Bible Study Books that I created.

These four messages from three different continents really encouraged me. Sometimes I find it so strange to work online from Stilbaai and when I receive messages like this the scripture in Eccl comes to mind: "Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well."

Whether it was messages about the books I made or the Sandboxbible that is gaining popularity among Muslim outreach initiatives in the Middle East, or the Bible videos for Mozambique… it feels that I am being blessed with “this and that doing equally well.” (Photo: The script I use to make the films)

While I was having my quiet time this morning, my eyes fell on Psalm 16:6 where David wrote “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places” All I can say is that as I follow Him, my boundary lines currently tend to fall in amazing pleasant places."

This week two Muslim SandBox Story Boxes will be going to the Middle East too! It seems that the Missionaries there find the SBB really useful for Muslim ministry & outreach.

The end of this month I will be driving to Cape Town to have meetings in Muizenberg and a week in Worcester with the Southern Africa Leaders for the first time since covid! I am so looking forward to it. I will be seeing many of my good old Ywam friends for the first time in ages.

THANK you to those of you praying for me

and keeping this ministry going through sponsorship.

Together we disciple nations! Sarah Anna-Lise


Life is precious…

when mom has another chance!

Two doctors told mom straight: your heart is done. Two veins are completely useless and we could only fix the main artery with a stent. You have to look after yourself”

Mom is looking much better though. More color in the cheeks. She is fighting a bad cough again but apart from that, she is doing so much better.

The pictures below were taken when we drove back from the hospital. We saw three rainbows on different hills and one double rainbow. It was a stunning 4 hours back home. It looked the way we felt: God’s faithfulness everywhere.



as thornbush backpackers in my backyard!

This month I had a weekend walk with “no-lipstick ladies” literally between thorns for miles. Some of these ladies have been to base camp and many other places in the world. I was the most inexperienced walker of the bunch but I can at least add... I’ve done snow in the Himalayas for a prayer trek! I do hope I can take a team again one day. What seemed impossible two years agowere, seems more and more possible again.

This weekend’s walk was quite extraordinary. Did we draw blood? Plenty. Did we remove thorns from backpacks and hands and feet? Enough. Did our feet suffer in icy water with sharp rocks… yes! Did we wake up with leaves declaring it was a cold frosty night outside? You bet! Did we laugh it all off? Of Course! This is exactly why it was the ‘no-lipstick ladies’ that was invited for this walk – Bundu Bashing at its best to try and find a potential new walking trail in the Western Cape. What a pleasure it was.

All along the Gourits river near Mosselbaai did we bash under and through Fabaceae's sweet thorn bushes. As long as my health allows me to walk like this, I will walk in the mountains as much as I can. It only costs fuel! What a joy!

Picture 6th: A white fogbow! I cannot believe I saw my 2nd one! WOW