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LOOK: Are we in between two church AGES?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We can all feel it: We are entering into the next age. Not a new age - the next age.

This month I am going to venture on "forbidden ground" At least, this is how I grew up to think! There is one thing that you will find missing in my childhood: Zodiac signs. I know, it is most likely you too. The enemy has really twisted Zodiac signs and it has been used by witches for witchcraft. As Nanci Coen asks, "When will the twisted become untwisted?" Hear me, reading tarot cards are just simply out - I am against it. Yet we do read about the Constellations in the Bible. This is different.

Seeing that astrology was God's idea and not Satan's - I will venture there today. Genesis 1:14 God says: "...let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years..."

Come to think of it, it is the only clock God created. It is not as hurried as our arm watches. The wise men following a star should pop into your mind right now...

Psalm 19

The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim - Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

Roughly 96% of people that ever lived on our planet have not experienced the last 400 years with watches like ours. God meant for us to tell time by what we know as the zodiac... and it is VERY interesting what is happening in our present shifting age - something that happens roughly every 2100 years.

Yes - this is hard to read if you grew up like me! It feels like sacrilege even writing this! But, lets go there because in my gut I feel that God is speaking through this strange topic.

The first example in Scripture where God mentions the Zodiac is in Job where He mentions the Mazzaroth - Job 38:32.

Mazzaroth (Hebrew Transliteration: מַזָּרוֹת Mazzārōṯ, LXX Μαζουρωθ, Mazourōth) is a Biblical Hebrew Word found in the Book of Job and literally meaning a Garland of Crowns, (a sign of sweetness / celebration) but its context is that of Astronomical Constellations, and it is often interpreted as a term for the Zodiac or the Constellations thereof. Think how the Hebrews used the moon as signs of their celebrations in the O.T. There are Christian writers today writing about the Mazzaroth from a Biblical perspective.

In astrology, the zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each occupying 30° of celestial longitude and roughly corresponding to the constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The number 12 ought to ring a bell: 12 signs, 12 tribes, 12 disciples, 12 gates, 12 angels etc.

What happens during a equinox?

At the equinox spring is announced - A new beginning of a new year. What is interesting is that the son never rises at the same place during equinox. It moves a bit backwards from where it normally would rise and over time. What is the implication?

IMPLICATION: Over roughly 2100 years it rises in another constellation. Ancient cultures called this: The Next Age. We are fortunate enough to look back in time to see what took place in history during the last 6000 years - we can clearly trace 4 AGES.

Look at the clock for a moment:

In some sense, the fast minute hand are the years, moving through the constellations.

The slow hour hand shows us an entire new age roughly 2100 years at a time.


& what I found most interesting - especially the Revelatory signs for each AGE (see my image below)

6000 years ago we have Adam and Eve. Before the fall, Adam his & Adam her.

The Spring Equinox would have been rising in Taurus - A Bull oriented culture. Spiritual Life was random. This was before the Law was given to Moses.

The Revelatory sign 180 ' degrees opposite the Bull was The scorpion - mortality & death.

Roughly 2100 years later we move into Aries the Lam/Ram centered culture.

Many rules were established in this time. God was expressing much detail as to how to go about worship in the Temple and Tabernacle.

The Revelatory sign was the Law and Justice. We see Moses in this time.

Roughly 2100 years later we move into Pisces the Fish, Jesus calling fishers of men. He showed how to multiply fish. He gave Peter fish on the beach.

The Revelatory sign - the Harvest field ready for harvesting.


Roughly 2100 years later we are moving into Aquarius

The Revelatory sign - the Lion of Judah, Christ in us the King. Kingship.

I tried to show draw it for you like this:

There is no other historical writings,

religion, order or leader (including Muhammad, Buddha etc)

that has mentioned AGES, or changing AGES,

or look at the signs of the AGES

except Jesus Christ himself as recorded in the N.T.

As Chris Carter says "He created it, it is His thing!"

What change when Ages change?

According to Carter, "more than what we are prepared for." Interaction with God, Spiritual Life and Practices changed drastically every time. Imagine when the time of PISCES changed into AQUARIUS: During one you would cut and animal and BBQ it, and it would be an holy act of worship. Imagine after 70AD when the temple was destroyed - the OVERLAP OF THE TWO AGES FINISHED, and cutting up of a dove or a lamb for sacrifice as a spiritual practice would have been called... off !

Implications today: Caught in a time of Cosmic Transition

We are on the verge of massive change in the church - whatever we think the Spiritual Life and Practice of PISCES (fish-harvest) is, will drastically change and be unrecognizable in AQUARIUS (water-lion kingship). We know from experience how a fresh move of God can be judged by the previous move of God. How much more - a cosmic change!

This is a massive Cosmic Door closing while the next Cosmic Door is opening.

We are in this weird time of transition where both the doors are open. It usually takes around 100 years for this shift to take place. Think of the time when Jesus ascended to heaven before the Temple was destroyed in AD 70. This was when both doors were still open. Spiritual Practices of the Temple and meeting in houses happened at the same time.

Then AD70 happened. The Cosmic Door of ARIES (Ram/Lamb) were closed forever and we entered the PISCES - Fish Age for the last 2000'ish years.

There are so much circumstantial evidence in light of the Corona Virus - all churches and government doors closing globally. It has become a marker of this transition.

Even in our mission, we can sense change - and if you talk to pastors - they will mention it too. How many people had to learn to ZOOM the last 4 months! This goes for schools, churches, business - the list goes on and on.

We have people worried that we will change "foundational words" in our mission seeing that so much change already took place during Covid. It was all unforeseen.

I guess my question by default is

Moses & the sacred law was foundational - then change came. Think about this: "the 10 commandments - written by the finger of God " Jesus brought the idea of a higher law. The cross sealed it and the Pharisees - keepers of the Law did not see that coming.

The temple was foundational - God gave so much detail in the Torah about it, it is painful to read! Keepers of the Temple mocked Christ when destruction of this very temple was predicted. They did not see a foundational change coming. Yet we know today that the Body of Christ became the Temple! A.D.70 sealed it. Everything changed.

Sometimes our foundations and what are foundational are shaken - for change to come.

What are the untouchables in our organizations that could be touched and changed by a change of AGE. This is really a difficult question seeing that it can take many years for this to become clear.

What foundational words do we have in YWAM, the Church, our Business, schools... that is about to change to accommodate this massive global shift?

Roughly five years ago I listened to Nanci Coen and thought: THIS IS NEXT CHURCH-AGE LANGUAGE she is using... and her experiences with Muslims getting saved, being transported like Peter, Satanist rings turning to Jesus... it is like a N.T. life-show in our day. I had to listen over and over to 'catch it' It took time because it was so new, especially the new language. Then I started to notice this language popping up in other conversations.

Another voice is "Kingdom talks" - an entire global network of international influential leaders having conferences worldwide, influencing literally millions at the moment online. It is all new stuff! How will we respond - or will we react and shut people down? I do not even know if I agree with everything said but I cannot simply withdraw just because... I feel intimidated or challenged.

And then - I stumbled onto a new YouTube video with all 3 of these people together! I could not believe my eyes. I had no idea they knew each other - These guys talk about stuff that I have never heard in the church or Ywam.

If you watch this clip you will notice that it is Chris that influenced this newsletter about the Cosmic Shift. Thanks Chris! It really had me thinking.

I have much more to say in response to this. Talking about zodiac signs is enough of a challenge for today - and listening to this YouTube link above might completely rock your boat as it did mine. A close friend of mine said - you should NOT post this. People will think you are reading tarot cards. Well, that will be sad if it is the case.



In October the Masters students and speakers will all connect for a two week intensive. Please pray for our students.

YWAM will connect 1 October to share what has been happening as we prayed for 30 days. I am very excited to join our Africa-Europe update!



One thing I have been encouraging everyone I counsel is to dig deeper into the journaling questions on my webpage

The John 5:19 concept.

Many times we wonder how people like Nanci, Christ, Gil and others can experience God to such great depths - this is where it starts... to become quiet and to sit and listen to what the Father wants to tell us through Holy Spirit - and then to write it down. If you can close your eyes and see a tree in your mind if I say "tree!" then you can close your eyes and see what Father wants you to see. It is not hard! It is that simple - nor is it only for the super spiritual in our midst. It is for you and me.

Start to explore a much deeper relationship with Him as you do what Jesus did "Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does."

Be Blessed

and thanks so much for

your prayers & continuous monthly sponsorship.

Sarah Anna-Lise

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