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From SandBox to RICEBox... URstory is flying again. NEWS UPDATE



Rianni and I was invited to share a passage through the method of the SandBoxBible to 52 woman that came to Woman's Day. My sis-in-law Corine and her company partner Jenny arranged this very successful day and woman were deeply touched, especially when the moment came that they had to place themselves in the box!



As you know, Rianni and I visit a special needs community outside of Stilbaai often and one of the schools asked us to visit them too!

Rianni works well with kids and played the song "die is my koppie..." and I became someone few have ever witnessed! LOL

Next week we will have a visit from the Mayor of Town... woop woop! The Mayor will find himself in the SandBox! I cannot wait.



Picture: This is one of our key contacts three weeks ago, sharing Bible stories in rice with the RICEBOXBIBLE with many young people!

Nepal is opening up doors for SandBoxBible in places where no missionaries have ever been.

What an incredible invitation to Rianni and I to join hands with Ywam Kings Kids leader RENU and a Nepali Pastor JOSEPH that wants to see the SandBoxBible distributed in his region. We will not only train pastors but also a massive group of teenagers for two weeks - running them through the Bible!

We are prepared for biting cockroaches... hours of dusty potholes on crazy Himalayan paths this time!

Picture: I am SUPER Proud of Rianni Training key pastoral contacts.

Rianni and my luggage will consist of two toothbrushes, a denim each and AS MANY BOXES as our luggage can take. I am cutting and cutting and cutting and feel like a piece of wood by now. But we are OVER excited.

Box for India

This box will reach India via our Nepal contact and guess who this is - One of my Ywam Master's friends whom I will see in October.

Yes, October... I will not be home at all during October!

Seeing that I knew I was on my way to Nepal for 4 weeks from 11 October to 9 November, I decided to cancel my 1-6 October with the Master's Group in Cape Town. I remember how my peace left when I sent the whats-app... then I went to bed.

Spiritual Formation Master's Community

... and then... I HAD A DREAM

I had quite a few reasons to dodge another 6 days away from home and the cost of a full on Cape Town visit of 6 days was definitely one of them. Leaving three doggies too!

As we know by now, one of God's favorite ways of speaking to me when He is serious, is through dreams. This time it was no different. The same night after canceling my Cape Town trip, I had such a vivid dream that I knew when I woke up, I had to reverse my cancellation. My good old Indian friend Kima wrote me back and said... "Jonah"

I laughed.

I told him... I am not really laughing... cause the cost involved by now for everything is a bit crazy, let alone the cost of the wood I am carrying for Nepal.


This was really a busy month presenting the SandBoxBible to so many groups and individuals, including schools.

BADMINTON and School of Biblical Studies!

Beginning of this year I was approached and asked if I would organize the Woman Sports Day for our region.

Tomorrow is the big day and I decided - why not share the Gospel at such an event with the SandBoxBible!


Rianni and I will be doing the ONLINE YWAM SCHOOL OF BIBLICAL STUDIES. If you are in YWAM, you know the reputation of this school... it is not for the faint of heart.

Although I have completed mine back in 1999, I decided to do it alongside Rianni so that we can work out new story sets for the entire Bible.

We start 1 September and have 6 weeks per module. This first module will not only be difficult because it is new but because of all our travels in places where it will be difficult to work. Her laptop died on her, and mine macbook is over 10 years old and super slow. We will definitely need it for the SBS... We have lots of travel ahead while studying. OF course it is an added R1200 per month too for the studies... If you would like to sponsor Rianni or me specifically for this, let us know.

Rianni Loots: FNB 6230 5835 326 Branch 250655

Sarah Anna-Lise ABSA Savings 907 558 0094

Tickets to Kathmandu is booked!

- I am still trusting for all my ground fees in Nepal. (4 weeks - long time)

- I need the entire amount of fees for the Masters' 6 days. This includes, driving to Cape Town and back, and our fees for accommodation.

GOOD NEWS is that just an hour ago someone walked into my house and said that they would live in my house for the 5 weeks I am gone! And they like my doggies. WOW... This is a huge gift and pressure off my back.


Rianni Loots: FNB 6230 5835 326 Branch 250655

Sarah Anna-Lise ABSA Savings 907 558 0094.


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