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Frontier Missions: FULL NETS 2021

We were just in time to gather together for our Frontier Missions Conference! Two days after we arrived home, South Africa went into Lock Down Level 4.

Our group represented Global South in a wonderful way - It felt so strange that there were no one from the USA at this conference - it was the first conference in 24 years that I attended that this happened. We were from Egypt, Brazil, Philippines, Zimbabwe and many other African Nations... we had warm-culture fun in the cold weather. Our last morning started with 3'C in the mountain.

The International Zoom-group joined us for two days. At one point we were 560 locations from all over the globe.

Photo below: This is Virmz from the Philippines. He also joined us after returning from traveling in Africa. In 2015 in Thailand the two of us took hands representing Africa and Asia at a DNA conference and asked God for a release of missionaries between the two continents. I will never forget that time of intense intercession.

After the conference, in my house in Stilbaai (picture below), Virmz and I revisited our prayer, and prayed up a storm: "LORD - REMEMBER OUR CRY" Then I also had an impromptu meeting with the Southern Africa FM Convener and... I cannot go into details but God definitely stirred something and I am really looking forward to see how our "action steps" for the next couple of months will take shape. I am so excited!!

Loren Cunningham prophesied about South Africa that we would be one of the 5 largest sending countries in the world... and it is TIME! Prayer, Fasting and Feet on the ground will do the job cause God said that it would happen... so... WATCH THIS SPACE and PRAY for South Africa.

PRAY with us that we as a nation would fulfill this prophesy and that it would NOT be seed sown on rocky ground where the birds of the air steal our call to the Nations.

FINALLY... the Muslim and Old Testament SandBoxBible has seen the light and the first Muslim Box will be on an airplane as you read this to the Middle East with a Missionary who was super excited to receive the first Muslim Box.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to introduce this method of Oral-Learning Culture story telling to the Frontier Missions group - and of course, this is the TARGET group! This is one of the methods in how a church is planted! They all GOT IT! They understood the idea and simply said... we need to get sponsorship behind this because it will work.

When it comes to this I think of how Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish - he simply told the disciples to hand out the bread. Lets see where this will lead... Our Egyptian friend who works in S Sudan was super happy to take the big box as luggage. I was one happy chappy!


THIS WEEK is my birthday - yip - this is me below when I was 8 (recently discovered the pic)

:-) & my parents with the 5 lovely grandchildren growing up fast.


Last, but not the least. Will you please pray a covering over my sponsorship. It really is distracting to worry every month if my car and medical insurance will be ok, never mind the little bit of rent, electricity and food I have to pay.

My sponsorship really nose-dived since I came back to SA. Just because I live in SA, and in Stilbaai does not mean I am on an ocean holiday.

One really positive to note since I came back to SA is that my health is doing so good! Fresh air, Boere-kos and my 5 kids I love ... I think it is doing the trick!

Thanks so much!

Sarah Anna-Lise

ABSA 907 558 0094 Savings To: SA Breedt



Dad 70

GG & J turned 1

My doggies... how we wake up :-)

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1 Comment

Julia McConnell
Julia McConnell
Jun 29, 2021

So glad your getting to walk the dreams that God gave you. Love your updates and miss you a lot. your looking so good in these pictures and yes SA agrees with you. praying for you much love ❤️

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