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His mom replied, "Jesus Toys does not exist"

Never did I think that my Masters Degree would lead me down this road to help kids and grownups in this way - but here are some fresh testimonies.

Two children were flown over to me from Jo'burg for a week to do sand-play therapy with. From being abducted to abuse, etc - it is a sad story that slowly uncovered in the sand. Then, while in the sand, I do what psychologists are not allowed to do: I bring Jesus into the box

By now I have seen so many kids transform because of Jesus in the box. It is absolutely amazing to witness how children can hear Holy Spirit so clear! I remember a Xhosa boy that came to me while I still lived in Gauteng. He was around 12 and also abducted but managed to jump out of the car and escape. It was amazing to see what Jesus in the box did to help him work through the trauma.

The two people who were responsible for the children while they were with me, told me on day 3 - "There is a visible change in both of them! It looks like the world is not on their shoulders anymore."

On one of these days, the boy told me, "My mom says that Jesus Toys does not exist but she was wrong!"

He gave me the biggest smile ever at that moment and wanted a photo with Jesus. His mom phoned me a week later and said: "He was going to his own room and bathroom without my assistance - he has changed! I am so happy.

His words about Jesus Toys did stick with me.

I have created the SandBoxBible (which their mom had them bring back to Jo'burg with them) but... I knew how hard it was to find good toys. Toys are also quite expensive. An idea started to form in my mind as how to go beyond SandBoxBible to cater to children who want to have Jesus Toys. I've been working on this - Watch this space!

The goal with what I create is always with YWAM Outreach Teams in mind.We must never forget how we can keep our focus on sharing the Gospel of Jesus where we can, especially where there is little to no discipleship.

In June our Southern Africa Frontier Missions Team will gather in Mosselbaai (Wow - Next door to me!)

I am really looking forward to catching up with everybody FACE TO FACE. The zoom thing is getting to me. This meant extra joy to me when I was able to catch up with my friend Kima from India and Elaine from China in beautiful Hermanus of all places. Did Covid shunt those two around but they are finally in South Africa for the long haul.



This was her. What I was about to find out is that the boy behind the little girl was really bullying her at school. I asked her what the donut and ants were? She replied,

"The donut is sugar-thoughts that attract the ants in my head and it goes round and round."

WOW! What a brilliant picture for when we struggle with thoughts. She was able to talk about it, and when Jesus showed up in the box (she has to choose to invite him) she forgave the boy. She suddenly said - oh, the donuts and ants are gone now. The next day I asked her if the donut and ants were still gone... and she said YES.

A week later her mom sent me a message and said that her daughter decided to tell her about this boy and that they were now friends at school. This was such an amazing story. I thought... if only grownups could forgive and find reconciliation like this girl. If we can teach our kids that this is the Jesus way - our society would be so much better.


Muslim Meetings.

I am still working on the Muslim Evangelistic Tool. It will take a while. We are 3 working together on it.

THERE IS HOPE! Look at how the stats changed from 1977 to 2019

Thanks so much for your prayers and ongoing monthly support so that I can continue with these projects. Together we can help change the stats more and more!

Sarah Anna-Lise


I went walking down the coast of stilbaai with the lady that helped me to finish the SandBoxBible Coloring Book!

I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

Philippians 3:12

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