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If it's NOT your time, it is NOT...

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

In this news,

1. Mom... nearly died again.

2. Mini Christmas outreach we had

3. Becoming a DSO officer in SA

4. My health

5. Inge flew out... family Photos

6. Chenne & Carin - God calling the next generation


Update on Mom's heart failure

We sat around mom.

She was ICE cold, white as a sheet, and soaking wet from sweat.

We said our goodbyes. We cried. We sat in silence. It was horrible to watch.

Then, she kept on breathing...

As difficult as it was, she pulled through a second round.

Four stressful days passed and mom was finally out of immediate danger. Today she is still a little bit white in the face, lost about 13kg but walking around. Thanks for all the support from friends the last two weeks!


CHRISTMAS OUTREACH with the SandBoxBible

What fun it was to visit the home for the disabled in Melkhoutfontein for Christmas this year. Rianni and I took The SandBoxBible and demonstrated the Christmas story.

A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who are coming on board with our trip to Thailand. We are super excited to see what God has up his sleeve in Chiang Mai and Nepal, taking the SandBoxBible there for missionaries to use.


Keep praying over us, please.


Becoming a Designated Safeguarding Officer in South Africa

I already broke the news about pioneering the Melkhoutfontein Badminton Club in 2023 last month but in the meantime, Rianni and I qualified as DSO Designated Safeguard Officers! It was a couple of days of training and a stressful open-book test at the end.

Safeguarding is one of the biggest challenges facing schools today. Many schools implement strategies and various education to ensure that if they identify that a child is at risk, there are processes that need to be followed. This way of thinking aligns with South Africa’s legislation, and it is very important. The purpose of Safe-Guard is to ensure that all administration which must be managed for effective Safeguarding in Clubs, Schools, and other Organisations is met.

Melkhoutfontein will not be an easy place to pioneer a new sport. There are many challenges in this community, but we know that God wants to break into our communities and bring healing and hope.

So! Let's do it!


My ongoing battle with the Vasculitis

I will appreciate your prayers. Maybe it was the stress of mom, but the vasculitis is back. My small veins are popping on my arms and feet - very typical of this type of Vasculitis. I still manage to either bike or walk every morning. The exercise is really helping. I am also on an oxygen tank in my house - and super grateful that I can help my body (and my lungs) in this way.



First two pics: Mariaan and I ... after 24 years we can joke about us getting VERY grey!

Inge & Alexander is now BACK IN THAILAND 5 years after Zarias passed away. It is amazing to see how God called them back there... I believe it is so right and wonderful. I am very jealous... but will soon see them myself in Chiang Mai... (PINCH ME! it's true)

The 5 Grandchildren growing up...

and my 3 sis-in-laws & Mom right before Inge flew out.


December Holidays mean two things to me personally

Getting extended time with Jesus

& extended BEACH time!



In January a family joined my SandBoxBible, Bible study group. Little did I know that Chenne, the eldest of 4 teenage daughters, would choose to go to YWAM in 2023 and that God would call her mom to fly with me to Thailand.

Why was YWAM a big deal for both of us?

She was basically on her way to Stellenbosch Uni when God called her. I told her... PLEASE GO TO STELLENBOSCH because...

1. It is really hard to be a YWAM'er. It is not a joy ride. One must be sure God called...

2. Gosh... who gets to go to Stellenbosch - you had to study VERY hard to get in.

3. I knew if I kinda discouraged her enough... that if she still chose missions, it would be GOD, not me!

4. I would also have to explain to her parents! At least I could really say IT WAS NOT ME, IT WAS REALLY GOD.

5. I know the financial road... this is really tuff... really tuff. But if God calls... through faith, trust, prayer, fasting and really knowing He said to GO, the finance would come in.


This is Carin. She came to visit Stilbaai this December. No one had more influence in my life than this woman... and it is somehow still quite true today! She is one of my heroes.

When I was as old as Chenne, (19) and Carin as old as I am right now, Carin was the one who recognized God's call on my life, became a lifelong, mentor to me and encouraged me to go to YWAM.

It is quite amazing to see, how a 1/4 century later again, in Stilbaai, I have the privilege to play the same role to Chenne, as Carin to me.

I am so excited about the next 25 years...


Thank you to one and every sponsor who gave so faithfully each month of 2022!

I am really looking forward to continuing with Wycliffe on the Makhua Muslim project too.

So much already piled up for 2023. What a privilege to be alive and to work for Him.



Monthly Tithing and Sponsorship:

S.A Breedt


907 558 0094


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Dave Stroud
Dave Stroud
Jan 04, 2023

Wow....full of action and God's active hand. Thanks for encouraging me,

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