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Miracles! & what about a box for Christmas?

We all know Samaritans Purse and their amazing shoe box gifts for Chrismas.

Back in India in 2006 I was part of a group distributing these shoe box size gifts to the kids.

This is where my inspiration for the following came from. Yes - that is me in the PINK!

Remember how in 2012 I had my students create the India Coloring book with 10 Bible storie that even reached Nepal?

Now I want to combine a small wooden SandBoxBible-box with a Chronological story telling N.T coloring book! We must leave Bibles also, not just toys and sweets!

Someone told "someone" about my project. This "someone" wrote me a note and said,

"...hey - if you need help, let me know."

I had NO IDEA who this was, nor the level of skill they had. For a week I have been trying to come up with a coloring book to go with the New Testament SandBox Bible stories. Due to 10 thumbs I got no-where. Then this person walks into my house and that night just magically produces a first draft front cover LIKE THIS two days ago.

I immediately Whats-app'ed the graphic designer that has been volunteering till 3am in the mornings for me to finish the NT wooden images to an upgraded standard for a distribution project into Africa that is busy unfolding.

She was here just last weekend, including the laser machine mechanic - to help me. For nothing - all the way from Jo'burg. We worked super hard. I said to her:

"LOOK what God is doing.

You and I could not do this coloring book and

see - the week we really needed it

in SHE walked."

Not only that.

I got another random text from a friend in Scotland who also wrote: "Hey, between the kids and work I can help with figures you need" For more than a week it was a back and forth on God in the Garden saying "Let US create..." How would SandBox Bible introduce the Creator to Sunday school kids, and children in nations where they do not grow up with Bibles and God as Creator? We finally came up with a figure and I LOVE IT! My graphic designer (pic below) then tweaked it for the machine. You will have to wait for the movie to see Him.

BELOW: The two amazing volunteers that came to help me. The machine had a rough ride from Jo'burg to Stilbaai and I could not find any laser engineer in this region to help me reset it properly. As you know, the Tube later also went and an electrical board - but a church in the UK sponsored me to replace it. Thanks Christ Church Southport! The machine now cuts like a knife through butter. I am so GRATEFUL.

What about the Stop Motion?

I finally have lights to set it all up. It is all ready to happen. We are just trying to wrap up the NT 'on another level' before commencing with the O.T.


1. The distribution plan: I want to see children in remote villages receive the gift of a shoe-box size sandbox bible with the Chronological Bible Coloring book! A conversation between WYCLIFFE and Sandbox Bible started to see how much text we can use!

2. Talks started with Business Leaders who wants to sow into Kingdom initiatives. This is at the raw beginnings but PLEASE PRAY FOR FAVOR with them. If they say yes, we could see this go to the nations!

3. My sponsorship is at a serious all time low. I find it hard to continue having to budget so hard for fuel and food for the month. At least I do not have to pay rent but my medical, car, fuel, water, elect/gas and the missionary I support is still a few thousand.

Please pray with me for supporters to come onboard monthly once again.


From lovely Stilbaai!


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1 Comment

Hey there! Thanks for this super update. Wow, what provisions you've had in the form of volunteers. However, to let you know, your 'Other options' feature (for payment) is defunct - meaning if someone wanted to offer you a wee gift it's impossible. Please let me know when it's up and running :)

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