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Mom's B'day on Resurrection day! & the silver clock

Happy eternity birthday mom! Because He is risen, you are alive. Thank you Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit.

Wow - I find it so intriguing, that mom passed away on Valentines day and that her first Birthday is on Resurrection day. Zarias passed away on Father's day, and Antonie 3 days before Christmas. Strange that it always happens on these type of days.

I took this photo above today because I will be demonstrating the SandBoxBible and what a WONDERFUL day to recount the resurrection in the sand. My heart is warmed... because Jesus is alive, and so is mother, Zarias, Mario-Antonie, Antoinette... and the rest of my family.



"The little one will become a thousand and the small one, a mighty nation. I myself, will speed it up in its own time.” Isaiah 60:22

I've just flown back from the North. In my Gauteng - Jo'burg culture, a standard greeting usually goes like this:

Person 1: Hi, Howzit going! Great to see you.

Person 2: "Hi, I've been so busy - I am so glad we could make time to see each other!"

I found myself contemplating this because, one morning whilst in Jo'burg I realised, that "I am so busy" is basically our cultural greeting. Spiritually spoken it does make sense. The stronghold over this region in South Africa is: Identity defined by how busy a person is perceived to be. Seeing that the grave is still fresh in my mind, and that of others who knew mom, I also realized there were certain phrases I started using when talking to people about death and purpose in life - which in this season has come up a lot.

I think,

we might be so busy,

we miss life

on a few occasions.

Last week, as I was driving back from Cape Town (yes, I have been traveling quite a bit!) I had a moment when I realized that I was present at all 3 deaths of my family members. I was at the scene of the accident in 1984 when Mario-Antonie passed away, I sat next to Zarias in 2017 and I held my mother's hand in 2023...

But then I also stood next to a grave 8 weeks ago that kept space for my father to be laid on top of my mother in time to come- and this was quite something.

"The silver clock hanging on the wall,

that waits for us all"

The old folks don't talk much

And they talk so slowly when they do

They are rich, they are poor, their illusions are gone

They share one heart for two

They tremble as they watch

The old silver clock when day is through

It tick-tocks oh, so slow, it says yes

It says no, it says I'll wait for you

The old, old silver clock

That's hanging on the wall

That waits for us all Lyricist:Jacques Brel

so I ask... as I have been asking many young people in this month of March of 2023 - and somehow doors have opened for me to speak to quite a few, face to face...

If you had 1 year left to live, what would you be doing?

If you had 5 years left, what would change...




Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation

2023 Focus on Bible Distribution specifically in Africa

Pictures below: we are putting in hard yards.

We had to fly to Gauteng for some key meetings in our preparation for Thailand and Nepal.

In the meantime, SandBoxBible (SBB) reached another AFRICAN NATION and knowing that the EMDC will host over 195 worldwide Christian Bible-distributing organizations, with a focus on Africa and the Orality movement,

means: SBB is at present on the cutting edge of what is happening globally with the Orality Movement

It was so much fun to catch up with Calvin and Carol Conkey, founders of Create International. As you might remember, they were my leaders in Perth Australia, and Thailand for many years.

Along with my good old friend Penny who still serves with Create (now in the Middle East), they will be leading the C.I. Gathering in my beloved city Chiang Mai.

Right after that week's gathering (in which we will be meeting over MANY NEW exciting projects and possibilities), we will head over to the EMDC and then our mini outreach to Nepal - oooeee we cannot wait!!!

I will also be leaving a few boxes in strategic outreach locations, like Wycliffe in Thailand, The Outreach House in Chiang Mai, A missionary couple in Bangkok working with kids, Nepal,etc - and the workers that SandBoxBible is serving are so grateful.

YOUR SUPPORT MADE and is still making this possible. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for your support

Thank you for all the whatsapp messages, especially today on Mom's Birthday.

I appreciate it all.



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1 Comment

Ignatius Scholtz
Ignatius Scholtz
May 09, 2023

Vriendin, ons dogter en skoonseun is ook met Tibet uitreik betrokke. Het julle kontak?

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