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Muslim world CRACKED open for SBB!

This candle is burning on both ends but it will hopefully help lit the light of Jesus in un-reached places and nations like Chad, Somalia and surrounding nations! Why?

This past week...

... we have been zooming from all over the world (Many organizations working and leading missions in the Muslim world) and amazing conversations and collaboration took place in the small break out groups.

It was so fantastic when I heard "Sarah, your sandbox will work in this culture, with the woman we are trying to reach." I thought YES, all this hard work everyday will help missionaries and church planters in oral-learning cultures.

Soon boxes will go to Muslim Missionaries in North Africa. How exciting!!

We are still in the process of finishing the NT coloring book to go with the English Box and the person helping me with Genesis is constantly updating me with where she is at.

I am in the process of gathering all the images for the Muslim Contextual Box! I simply cannot wait for this to be field tested! YOUR sponsorship goes toward this. Thanks!

Prayer Points

- That God will lead me clearly as to what goes into the Muslim box and how to contextually get it "right" so that there is nothing to cause offense.

- Pray for the 2 Graphic Designers giving their time and gifting to help me finish these boxes. I could not do it without them.

- Pray that God would connect this project with Project Partners who will sponsor boxes going out to various Church Planters. Most of these missionaries are full time volunteers too - so if we can help them receive boxes from our side, lets do it.

- And do cover my sponsorship in prayer. I need it. Thanks.



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