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My last Facebook post + Divine influences

Thanks for all the new subscriptions I received since I announced leaving Facebook and Facebook Messenger altogether. Welcome to my blogging!

This time it was not a mere 'de-activate' of Facebook while I kept messenger running so not to loose my 1200 friends (and I knew all of them. I never accepted strangers).

It was delete messenger - It felt like I was tearing myself away from my Asian, European, American, Australian connections!

Something in me just had to let go and let God on another level... and that is OK. There is a difference between "connect / friend / divine connection" The latter cannot be lost.

HIGHLIGHT this month

Something that was really first-class to me this month was how God answered a bunch of deep questions I had after a time of fasting and praying. The one day I bombarded God with questions and the very next morning I received a message from a friend: "Have you seen this link?" The person who sent me the link had no idea how God used it to answer every question. This is when DIVINE becomes so real and beautiful.

I knew the speaker from years ago when I lived in Scotland. She gave a message 4 years ago at a leadership school (LTS) in Europe. Her topic was The Nazirite and it was quite profound.

One of the many quotes I left in my diary was,

"Spiritual rhythms will make no sense (reading Scriptures and fasting) unless you understand that the calling is really high - you are even different from your YWAM friends!"

I had a choice to pick up some things and leave other things once again.

There is a time for everything,

... a time to search

and a time to count as lost,

a time to keep

and a time to discard...

Eccl 3

I add... Sarah 1:2 A time to be on Facebook and a time to leave. A time to connect to people and a time to walk into the desert, live with a poor widow while being chased by a mad king in order to gain authority to beat the worship of Baal one day.

On the topic of love

I've been watching quite a few ND (near death) testimonies online. I especially love it when it happens to atheists! One thing many of these stories have in common... is the question at their live review: How much did you love other people? It is never "what did you do" It is always about the level of love for others...

Have you ever read Rick Joyner's book, The Final Quest? (2006)

It is one of my ultimate top 5 books that you will always find near my bedside. It is so old by now... but I have to very often remind myself of the beggar on the throne who did not kick the cat... and the pastors that only made it to the gate! The beggars in front of my house is such a reminder of the beggar in this book... I fall short - very short.


Creating the Wooden Sand Bible for YouTube

I am in the fast lane of realizing why we do not have the OT verse by verse chronologically in movies online. I will try to push through as much as I can. It is exacting and demanding... and theologically sometimes insane! All the Nephilim and dead bodies on the beach in Chapter 7... but I kept the 3-eyed lady... to the intrigue of Janco (8). He loves his aunt's house with wooden figures growing by the day. He really likes my "city of God" and cannot leave my soldiers alone.

Yesterday he packed a massive scene of heaven on one side and hell (with all my new Nephilim and demons) on the other side. I just love it.

A few friends are following online and because of their Whats-app messages to me about how their kids (and themselves) are enjoying it, gives me that extra oomph just to keep going.

What am I learning as I go? The OT is repetitive BEYOND imagination!!

I will finished with a scene and then it gets mentioned 2 more times!!! It is driving me bonkers! How many times in 1 chapter must the animals be mentioned?



then I remember

how many times

God must repeat to Sarah: GET OF FB... GET OF FB...



Mom and Dad celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary this month.

I cherish this season with my family. One day this will pass.

I do not want to live with regrets - so I make most of it - as far as it is possible.

Thanks for reading my news

Thanks for your prayers and monthly support

Sarah Anna-Lise

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